Most Striking DVD Covers?

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    In the scheme of things, a DVD cover is an (admittedly) minor part of a disc's success. But if you're like me, you've often grown tired of DVD covers that follow this formula:
    Step One: HUGE blownup photos of 1 (or more) actor(s) of particular film resting at the top of the cover.
    Step Two: Random still of scene from said film lying in the middle or near the bottom.
    Step Three: Orgasm-like quote from a critic you've never heard of lying on the bottom or top (or both) of the cover.
    So it's always a pleasure to find a cover that has some creativity to it. Some of these covers are so striking and eye-catching I consider them works of art. I started this thread in the hopes of showcasing some of the DVD covers that have impressed you. However, a few rules should be laid out:
    RULE 1
    While it is not necessary, when telling us your favorite covers, it would be nice to include a few words as to why you think this is an excellent cover.
    RULE 2
    This is a celebration of ORIGINAL covers. So that means you can't use a cover that is nothing more than a film's theatrical poster (includes both foreign and domestic versions).
    RULE 2b
    But you can use cover art that uses a manipulated version of a film's poster (a la Almost Famous: Untitled).
    RULE 3
    So we don't suck up bandwith and wreak havoc on members with slower Internet connections, I am asking to you to not include pictures of your fave DVD covers in this thread. Link to the image if you have to, but please don't put the actual picture in the thread.
    RULE 4
    This thread openly welcomes foreign covers, so don't be afraid to include them!
    Without further ado, here are my favorite covers:
    This is a prime example of a cover that just grabs you instantly. Seeing Anthony Hopkins weary-looking face encased in blue paint makes one wonder just what the hell this film is all about. Is it a war film? A fantasy tale? An action film? A drama? Something about Shakespeare? Turns out to be all of the above, but you wouldn't know that from looking at the cover.
    The Wages of Fear
    I'll admit it: seeing an image of a dead body, half-drowned, with a gaping mouth and eyes that look like they were gouged out scares the hell out of me. But it also makes me want to figure out what type of depraved mind could create such a cinematic moment. [​IMG]
    A mysterious figure clad in white against a blurred orange landscape. On top of that, this figure is wearing a mask and looks to be staring directly at you, but from a distance. Add in the stark title of 'SAFE' and you have yourself a surefire way to get attention. Or at least to the 10 people who bought this DVD. [​IMG]
    Almost Famous: Untitled
    Perfectly replicating the feel of a bootleg, this cover has a worn-in look: scratchy, faded, and looking like it was cobbled together out of cheap material. Up on the top rests a small, sepia-toned photo of Kate Hudson smiling, almost inviting you into the DVD's many pleasures.
    Rushmore (Criterion)
    A rarity in today's DVD covers: a hand-drawn cover that has a ramshackle look to it, yet intrigues a potential buyer into reading the back of the box (also all hand-drawn). A cover that perfectly captures the film's tone.
    The Rock (Criterion)
    Against a jet-black background, Alcatraz lies in the right-hand corner while the film's title--done in a rock-like font--sits in the middle of the cover. Minimalism at its finest.
    There are certainly more great covers out there (Evil Dead: Book of the Dead, Wicker Man (LE), Repo Man (LE))...what are some of yours?
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    Here are my top three favorite dvd covers...
    Moulin Rouge The case is so lavishly done, that I don't store it with my other discs, I have it all unfolded and on display on my dvd shelf. The colors are so striking, and I love the soft textured finish.
    Tombstone Vista Series As with the Moulin Rouge case, this case captures the mood of the film. I love the aged photos of the cast inside, it really looks as if those photos were taken 100 years ago!
    Evil Dead: The Book of the Dead The ultimate dvd case! The book looks damn authentic to the one seen in 'Evil Dead 2', not so much the one in the orignal. Even the foam latex surface feels like it really is made of human flesh, creepy!
  3. Josh_Hill

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    Jan 6, 2002
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    Evil Dead:BOTD



    X-Files Season boxsets

    Wild Strawberries
  4. Bill J

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    Oct 27, 2001
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    My favorite DVD cover: For All Mankind
  5. Bruce Hedtke

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    Jul 11, 1999
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    You will notice a trend here:
    Brazil Criterion
    Dead Ringers Criterion
    Insomnia Criterion
    Kwaidan Criterion
    Autumn Sonata Criterion
    The Blood of a Poet Criterion
    Double Suicide Criterion
    Great Expectations Criterion
    Lord of the Flies Criterion
    The Most Dangerous Game Criterion
    Orpheus Criterion
    The Seventh Seal Criterion
    The Vanishing Criterion
    As for some non-Criterion fare:
    Blood Simple
    Higher Learning
    Short Circuit: Special Edition
    The Wild Bunch
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Special Edition
    Beau Pere
    A Real Young Girl
    Beyond The Clouds
    Chloe in the Afternoon
    Woman is a Woman
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