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Samuel Des

Supporting Actor
Feb 7, 2001
I was looking over parts of my "library" -- record and books -- and was pleased by some of the collectibles I've been able to get. Two of these immediately come to mind.
1. December's Children (And Everyone's) - Rolling Stones. Mono, sealed, with the blurb sticker, "Includes the hit Get off My Cloud." That has to be one of the coolest in my collection.
I also have several alternate pressings of Satanic Majesties, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main Street. I used to have the mono Let it Bleed, but I couldn't find it, last time I checked. (I have multiple copies of all their albums.) If you find it, grab the mono Aftermath. That album seems to appreciate very well.
2. Ubik - Screenplay - Philip K. Dick. This was a very limited pressing of a screenplay by Philip K. Dick (PKD), and is very hard to find, as far as I know. I also have most of his "mainstream novels" from small publishing houses, but these probably aren't worth that much. I keep them, because I read and enjoy them.
I also have collectibles by favourite artists that I don't enjoy, but keep for value. For example, I have a numbered, signed copy of a cosmogeny book/rambling by PKD.
I also have a first edition of Godbody by Theodore Sturgeon, which seems kind of rare, but I haven't checked. My friend has a copy of Godbody signed by Ted and Robert Heinlein, who wrote the intro to the book. That one is much cooler than mine.
But one day, I would really like to get first edition V, Gravity's Rainbow, and the Crying of Lot 49. Gravity's Rainbow is probably unrealistic. Same for Gaddis. I'd like to get The Recognitions one day.
Anyway, the book and record are my big two. What have you been able to get and enjoy?


Feb 11, 2001
I've got a first edition, first printing copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. With dustjacket.

I was pretty excited the day that I found that in a used book shop for $15.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 29, 2000
My Episode 1 clapperboard, given to me by one of the crewmembers from the British set.

Mike Broadman

Senior HTF Member
Aug 24, 2001
Limited Edition initial pressings of the King Crimson biography by Sid Smith with band member's signatures.

Rock on!


Supporting Actor
Jun 1, 2000
I found a 100+ year old soft leather bound, hand engraved copy of the complete works of Shakespeare for $40. Have been offered $600 for it.

Peter Apruzzese

Senior HTF Member
Dec 20, 1999
Real Name
Peter Apruzzese
I've got a few:

1. An original "Strand Magazine" from England with a Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story.

2. A couple of First Editions of Sherlock Holmes books, also by Conan Doyle.

3. Original production design sketches from the art director's notebook of CITIZEN KANE.

Those, and about a million original movie posters...

John Spencer

Supporting Actor
Mar 2, 2000
I have 2 favorites:
1. A first printing copy of Ian Fleming's The Man With The Golden Gun in near perfect shape, courtesy of my grandfather.
2. A wall clock made with an original animation cel from Fantasia. It's one of the cels from "The Sorceror's Apprentice", where Mickey first animates the brooms. About 2 years ago I was offered $1500 for it by an employee of The Disney Store who was looking in their history for unique Sorceror Mickey stuff. Needless to say, I turned him down.


Senior HTF Member
Jul 25, 2000
Real Name
~Several very old Winchester Rifles.
~A complete trading card set, first issue Star Wars, 1977.
Peace Out~:D

Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
I have a Partridge Family "Up To Date" 8-track (Columbia House edition) signed by David Cassidy in 1992 at an instore appearance- he said it was the first 8-track he signed in 15 years.
I've also got just about every 35mm movie trailer put out from 1992-2001, and lots of movie promotional items including the cardboard standee for "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" still unassembled and sealed up in the cardboard it was sent in- I picked that up and joked that was gonna make me a millionaire someday :)

Rob Lutter

Senior HTF Member
Nov 3, 2000
first and foremost...
Spinal Tap: Criterion Collection laserdisc set :)
-Original Darth Vader tie fighter model kit from 1977 (along with a bunch of other original Star Wars toys)
-DVDs: Army of Darkness: Director's Cut LE, Robocop: Criterion, Silence of the Lambs: Criterion
-a bunch of original movie posters

Scott Leopold

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2001
1. Amazing Fantasy #15. It's coverless, but it's Amazing Fantasy #15. For those who don't know, it's the first appearance ever of Spider-Man. Aside from being coverless, the book is in fantastic shape. I was offered $450 for it a few years ago, but I can't imagine parting with it.

2. X-Men #1. It's in fine shape, and it's a joy to look at.

3. X-Men #2-4. They're in poor-fine shape. It's great knowing I own them, but not as neat as 1 or 2 above.

4. Avengers #1. Poor, ratty, crumbling apart shape, but cool nonetheless.

The most prized collectible I almost owned was Playboy #1. I was 13, and my best friend and I had gone to a local comic shop. I had spent most of my money already, when I found a perfect copy of this in a box underneath the boxes and boxes of back issues of comics. It was in perfect shape, and was priced at $50 or $75 (forget which). Between myself and my friend, we had just over $20. I had more than enough at home, but hadn't brought it all with me. I knew it was worth much more than the cover price, and all I was truly thinking of at the time was its status as a collectible. Thinking quite rationally, I decided to ask my buddy's mom for a short-term loan that would paid back as soon as we got to my house. What I got instead was a 3 hour lecture on how she didn't take us out to buy smut. Nothing I said mattered--she just verbally destroyed me, and expressed her vast contempt for my "adolescent urges." She made a point of telling my parents a slightly skewed version of the story, which got me another long lecture. The following week, once things had died down, my dad asked me about it again. I explained the value of it, and how it would be a great investment. He ran me out to the comic shop, but instead of it being in the little box underneath the table in the back room, it was now in a frame about the cash register with a $2000 price tag on it. I think the term "pissed" would have been appropriate had things just ended there, but upon seeing me, the owner informed me that I was banned from his store for 6 months because he didn't need "little perverts" like me in his store. My dad missed that little exchange since he was rather upset over driving me 45 minutes for nothing. As for myself, I'm bitter to this day.

Henry Carmona

Feb 7, 2000
San Antonio
Real Name
Henry Carmona
I dont have very expensive stuff, but i do have some things that have high personal value to me.
Lets see.
I have an old License Plate made of beautiful blue ceramic from 1916 that was used by one of the prominant families in Seguin, TX.
An AutoBiography by the title of "Personal memoir oF Daniel Drayton" an abolitionist dated 1855
An old automatic razor/shaver from Germany that has a string at the bottom that you pull a couple times to get the blades inside turing :)
Antique Furniture:
Eastlake Rocking Chair (1870's)
Old Empire Style double leaf table (forgot :))
Rod Iron Bed
Victrolla Talking Machine (bout 1913)
My great uncles straight edges for measuring and wood working.
An old brass, pump, hand held fire extinguisher.
Star Trek 1st edition comics.
X-Files 1-25 also Xfiles magazine
Gen 13 1st editions
Ren & Stimpy #1
Giant millenium Falcon
Jawa Factory
Death Star Garbage compressor set, w/garbage monster :)
Land Speeder
X-wing fighter
Imperial Walker
Hoth Monster
Plastic Cape Jawa (j/k)
And other stuff that i cant think about right now :D

John K Carter

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 23, 1999
Not vaulable, but prized by me.

Astounding Science Fiction (Pulp Mag): March 1958 - The Month & Year I was born.

Ace Frehley club tour T-Shirt back stage autographed to me, by guess who? Also an Ace guitar pick.

Todd Rundgren autographed vhs tape.

The against the stage photos I took of Steve Marriott (R.I.P) with Humble Pie.

Eldrige Cleaver for President campaign button.

Little Feat setlist & Guitar pick. Swiped from the stage after the show.


Stunt Coordinator
Sep 5, 2001
In 1993 I was fortumate to see the Montreal Canadiens hockey team play 7 times and one of them was the allstar game held in Montreal.While at the game,I was fortunate to win a 1967 Canadiens hockey jersey.That year,they won the cup (again !!).When Boston played them,Patrick Roy stopped all 66 shots on him at one of the games and afterward was admitted to the hospital in Boston to have his appendics removed.A friend of mine is the District Manager for a company that Roy was the French speaking spokeperson for and he arranged to send him my jersey for him to sign for which he did.Over the years I was offered over 1200. for it but haven't sold it.It's currently in a frame above the seat that I purchased from the old fourm when they tore it down.But after last night's game,the jersey probably isn't worth that much.Just kidding...


Second Unit
May 6, 1999
I have three items:
1.) A 1.5 liter, unopened bottle of Johhny Walker Black, that sits on a metal swing attached to a wooden base, given to my parents when I was born (1957).
2.) An autograph, to my mother, on the back of a 'drink card' from Jilly's nightclub from Frank Sinatra. (early 60's)
3.) Paul McCartney's 8X10 picture from the White Album signed:
To Gary
Best Wishes,
Paul McCartney


Jeff Pryor

Supporting Actor
Mar 5, 2002
Hmmm, I once prized my 3 foot tall hand-made, hand-painted Western Germany beerstein I bought in Bertchesgaden, Germany in '91. But I left it with my ex, and I really regret doing that.

I still have all my Star Wars action figures from the original lineup, even a few rare ones.

I have a limited edition Avon Star Wars: SE beerstein.

My Tommy Chong autographed T-Shirt.

And all my rare, OOP sci-fi model kits that keep fetching a pretty penny on ebay.

Sarah S

Second Unit
Feb 6, 2001
I have a turn-of-the century leather bound gilt-edged (most of it's worn off) copy of Lord Byrons poems.
Valuable to me (and to rabid fans of the film) is a copy of The Last Unicorns' soundtrack on CD, which is currently out-of-print and was only released in Germany.
Also valuable to me: various out-of-print Criterion dvds (Robocop & Silence of the Lambs), various other out-of-print dvds and a copy of almost every incarnation of Elfquest (at least from the begining up through the Palace War).
I'm keeping my eye out for Isaac Asimov's Annotations of Gilbert & Sulllivan (very hard to find) and John Masefields' The Box of Delights or When the Wolves Were Running :)


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 27, 2000
I own Dallas Stars Jersey. (No big deal, right?)
Well, this one is signed by the entire team and the coaching staff from 1998-1999. That was the last time they won the Stanley Cup. Every one of my friends that sees it thinks I'm the luckiest bastard on earth.....I wonder what it's worth?:D

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