Mortal Kombat Deception Reviews?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jeff Adams, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Jeff Adams

    Jeff Adams Screenwriter

    Dec 13, 1999
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    I picked this up yesterday on the XBOX and had a little time to play it last night. My first impressions of the game is that I like it! A lot. I don't know what I am doing,don't know the combo moves or fatality moves for the characters but I still really enjoyed it. I love how you can punch people through floors, kick them off of cliffs and kick them into different contraptions that kill your opponent. This game is going to be VERY addictive for me and my friends. Anyone else pick this one up?
  2. Ken Chui

    Ken Chui Supporting Actor

    Jun 20, 2003
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    I picked up the MK: D Premium Pack (PS2) at Target this morning (for just over $25 with my rain check and $10 coupon [​IMG] ); I'll probably pick up the Xbox Kollector's Edition later on. I'll give it a spin sometime tonight.

    Here are the Fatality and Hara Kiri moves for all of the characters:

    1 = Square
    2 = Triangle
    3 = X
    4 = O

    1 = X
    2 = Y
    3 = A
    4 = B

    Ashrah Fatality 1: D,D,U,U,2 (Close)
    Ashrah Fatality 2: F,D,F,D,2 (Sweep)
    Ashrah Hara Kiri: U,D,U,U,2

    Baraka Fatality 1: F,U,D,2 (Close)
    Baraka Fatality 2: F,D,B,F,2 (Sweep)
    Baraka Hara Kiri: D,B,U,B,4

    Bo Rai Cho Fatality 1: D,U,F,F,2 (Sweep)
    Bo Rai Cho Fatality 2: U,B,F,3 (Sweep)
    Bo Rai Cho Hara Kiri: B,B,F,F,2

    Dairou Fatality 1: D,U,B,B,1 (Sweep)
    Dairou Fatality 2: D,D,B,4 (Close)
    Dairou Hara Kiri: B,B,B,D,1

    Darrius Fatality 1: U,D,B,F,3 (Sweep)
    Darrius Fatality 2: D,D,B,3 (Close)
    Darrius Hara Kiri: B,F,F,2

    Ermac Fatality 1: D,B,B,D,3 (Sweep)
    Ermac Fatality 2: B,D,B,D,4 (Sweep)
    Ermac Hara Kiri: D,U,U,D,3

    Havik Fatality 1: D,F,F,U,4 (Close)
    Havik Fatality 2: F,F,F,B,2 (Sweep)
    Havik Hara Kiri: F,U,U,U,2

    Hotaru Fatality 1 : F,B,U,D,1 (Sweep)
    Hotaru Fatality 2: D,F,B,F,2 (Close)
    Hotaru Hara Kiri: U,B,B,B,2

    Jade Fatality 1: B,F,U,F,1 (Sweep)
    Jade Fatality 2: B,F,F,F,2 (Close)
    Jade Hara Kiri: F,F,F,B,2

    Kabal Fatality 1: F,U,U,U,3 (Close)
    Kabal Fatality 2: U,U,D,D,2 (Close)
    Kabal Hara Kiri: F,U,U,D,2

    Kenshi Fatality 1: F,F,B,B,2 (Sweep)
    Kenshi Fatality 2: B,F,F,B,2 (Sweep)
    Kenshi Hara Kiri: D,B,B,F,4

    Kira Fatality 1 : B,F,F,B,4 (Far)
    Kira Fatality 2 : U,F,D,B,3 (Sweep)
    Kira Hara Kiri: F,B,U,B,3

    Kobra Fatality 1: D,B,F,D,4

    Li Mei Fatality 1: F,F,F,F,1 (Sweep)
    Li Mei Fatality 2: U,B,F,F,4 (Sweep)
    Li Mei Hara Kiri: U,D,U,D,3

    Liu Kang Fatality 1: B,B,B,F,2 (Sweep)
    Liu Kang Fatality 2: U,B,F,F,4 (Sweep)
    Liu Kang Hara Kiri: D,D,D,U,3

    Mileena Fatality 1: F,D,D,1 (Sweep)
    Mileena Fatality 2: U,U,F,F,3 (Far)
    Mileena Hara Kiri: B,D,F,D,1

    Nightwolf Fatality 1: B,F,B,F,1 (Far)
    Nightwolf Fatality 2: D,F,D,U,2 (Sweep)
    Nightwolf Hara Kiri: U,U,U,U,3

    Noob Smoke Fatality 1: B,F,B,F,1 (Far)
    Noob Smoke Fatality 2: U,D,D,F (Sweep)
    Noob Smoke Hara Kiri: D,U,U,D,2

    Raiden Fatality 1: B,D,F,D,1 (Sweep)
    Raiden Fatality 2: U,D,F,F,1 (Far)
    Raiden Hara Kiri: F,U,U,B,1

    Scorpion Fatality 1: F,D,F,F,1 (Close)
    Scorpion Fatality 2: F,B,F,B,1 (Close)
    Scorpion Hara Kiri: F,U,U,B,1

    Shujinko Fatality 1 : U,D,D,F,2 (Close)
    Shujinko Fatality 2 : B,U,F,F,1 (Close) (unlocked in Konquest Mode, coordinates D4/Edenia)
    Shujinko Hara Kiri: D,B,D,B,3

    Sindel Fatality 1: B,F,F,B,1 (Sweep)
    Sindel Fatality 2: U,U,B,F,3 (Sweep)
    Sindel Hara Kiri: F,U,U,D,4

    Sub-Zero Fatality 1: F,B,D,F,2 (Close)
    Sub-Zero Fatality 2: B,D,B,D,1 (Sweep)
    Sub-Zero Hara Kiri: D,U,D,U,2

    Tanya Fatality 1: F,D,D,D,1 (Close)
    Tanya Fatality 2: U,B,F,U,2 (Close)
    Tanya Hara Kiri: D,D,F,U,3

    Fatality/HK moves courtesy of Tarantino
  3. Romier S

    Romier S Producer

    Sep 2, 1999
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    Several of those are incorrect. The button presses are right for the most part but the distances are incorrect on quite a few of them. I would imagine you grabbed this information from the Gamefaq guide.

    As an example, Scorpions first fatality is done from sweep distance not up close. I have the official strat guide with the correct listings. Highly recommend it if you're picking up the game.
  4. RudyN

    RudyN Supporting Actor

    Sep 12, 2002
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    Mundelein, IL
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    Rudy Nunez
    No wonder I couldn't get Scorpion's 1st fatality to work. Now I know. This game is pretty cool. Got the Xbox Kollector's Edition.
  5. Jesse Blacklow

    Jesse Blacklow Cinematographer

    Oct 14, 2002
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    Just got my copy of the Kollector's Edition (Xbox, with Baraka) yesterday and played for an hour or so. Since I just jumped into it, I missed out on some of the information about the Chess and Puzzle modes, but they were fun to play anyway. Kombat was fun, if a little annoying since I haven't learned hardly any combos yet. Konquest was really cool. I wasn't a fan of Deadly Alliance's system, and combined with the slowdown on the Xbox, I gave up quickly and sold it. But this method seems to work a lot better for amassing Koins and Krpyt Keys. 400 Krypts works a lot better than 626, IMO, and hardly any of them seem to be ludicrously expensive. Another great touch is that several features, such as the artwork and soundtrack include personal info from the creators. Very nice!

    I haven't cracked into the bonus disc yet, I want to get far enough in Konquest and Kombat that it won't spoil too much.
  6. dave_brogli

    dave_brogli Screenwriter

    Mar 30, 2002
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    When I picked up DA i was one of the many that was pissed off a t the lack of fatalitlies, secrets, etc.... Wow this game has them.
    Better interactive enviroments than dead or alive.

    Ive played online and its pretty flawless. (im 3-4 now)
    I love tetris mode, havent tried Chess but heard its good.

    stage fatalities are great also.
    I give it a 9 out of 10[​IMG]
    oh and its a buyer not a renter.
  7. Ken Chui

    Ken Chui Supporting Actor

    Jun 20, 2003
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    Actually, they were obtained on a DVD forum. The FAQ/Move List on, particularly the Fatalities, were still incomplete as of this morning. I'll do a comparison with the Official Guide and adjust the info accordingly.

    I spent about three hours on the first disc, but most of that time was dedicated to Puzzle Kombat. I did squeeze in a few matches in Kombat w/ Sub-Zero, but I'll need to spend some time in Practice Mode before I undertake another ladder challenge. The load times were acceptable, but creating the Profile on my memory card took forever (I would say at least a minute [​IMG] ). Haven't tested this online as yet, and I'll probably check the second disc sometime this weekend (been itching to revisit the first MK).
  8. Joseph Young

    Joseph Young Screenwriter

    Oct 30, 2001
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    I just picked up the MKD Premium Pack for PS2... haven't even taken it out of shrink wrap yet. What pushed me over the edge was the inclusion of the MK Chronology disk w/the first MK, but especially the puzzle, chess, and 'exploration' modes aside from the main game. Very neat. I haven't owned a MK game since MK2 on the SNES.
  9. Chris Bardon

    Chris Bardon Cinematographer

    Jul 4, 2000
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    I might have to check this one out at some point. The Battle Chess sounds like a great mode though-kind of a return to Archon.
  10. Ken Chui

    Ken Chui Supporting Actor

    Jun 20, 2003
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    Same here. Couple this with next week's planned release of Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (which includes Mortal Kombat II and 3), I'll have all of my bases covered for an MK marathon.
  11. Tim Hess

    Tim Hess Second Unit

    Jan 2, 2001
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    If you never liked the MK fighting mechanic don't pick the game up.

    If you loved playing Puzzle Fighter, you should pick this up!
  12. Morgan Jolley

    Morgan Jolley Lead Actor

    Oct 16, 2000
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    I'm loving this game. Puzzle Mode and Chess Mode are great ways to keep me playing for a long time without necessarily having to spend it solely on Arcade or Konquest (one thing I hated about MK[​IMG]A). I'm liking, and its definitely over-the-top like MK should be.
  13. Paul Simmons

    Paul Simmons Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 10, 2003
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    We all knew this question would pop up, how's the ONLINE mode?
  14. George_W_K

    George_W_K Screenwriter

    Feb 13, 2003
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    So far it seems to take forever to join in on a match for me when trying it online. (XBox) If I choose Quick Match, it'll take close to a minute before I am choosing a character to play. But, once you're matched up with someone, it's just like playing with them in the same room. I only wish I didn't suck at this game. I get my (rear) handed to me pretty much every fight.[​IMG] [​IMG] I swear I hit the damn block button!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall, I love this game. It looks and sound fantastic.

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