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Morrowind Finally A fix on the Dirty Disc Error

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Kyle M. Krueger, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Kyle M. Krueger

    Mar 17, 1999
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    Hey all, Ran accross a dirty disc error fix from Bethesda themselves.. And it workes.... I can finally play after months of not playing, The error has been hitting me about every 5 - 10 mins, now I just finished playing for an hour finished 3 guild quests and no ERRORS YES>..

    Here it is..

    We have had a few reports from users who experience a dirty disc message even though their disc and Xbox seem to be working properly. We’re doing our best to investigate this problem, but as it is so rare, we have not been able to isolate it. If we do find a cause and solution for you, we’ll let you know immediately. Some users say that wiping their cache solves this problem.

    Wiping your Morrowind Cache

    This can be done in two ways:

    1) Play 3 other Xbox games
    Play 3 other games, before playing Morrowind again. You simply must load the 3 other games on your Xbox, then load Morrowind again.

    Different games cache at different times, so there is no guarantee that every Xbox game out there will cache at the initial load up. The Xbox needs 3 other games to cache their information before Morrowind’s cache gets cleared.

    2) Delete Morrowind from your Xbox Hard Drive
    You will need an Xbox memory unit for this. To clear your cache with a memory unit, follow these steps.

    1. Turn on the Xbox console with no disc in the disk tray.
    2. Select MEMORY, and then select Xbox Hard Disk.
    3. Select the specific individual saved game name in the collection of saved games.
    4. Select COPY to move that saved game to an Xbox Memory Unit.
    5. After the save game you want to keep is safely stored on your memory
    card, select the Xbox Hard Disk again.
    6. Select Morrowind from the list of games, then select Delete.
    7. After Morrowind is deleted, select your memory card again, and select your save game.
    8. Select Copy and copy it to the Xbox Hard Disk.
    9. Insert your Morrowind disk and play from your save.

    UPDATE: 7/30

    We have worked with save games sent by gamers and have found that turning the autosave option off in the Options menu and then every one to two hours, saving your current game and then loading the save game may also clear up this error. If you are currently experiencing the dirty disc message sooner than 2 hours, you should save and reload your game earlier.

    Saving frequently will not solve the problem by itself. You must load the game after you save it.

    Mike Fridley
    Associate Producer: QA
    Bethesda Softworks
    Raid- Tough on Bugs.

    Edited by Raid (07/30/02 02:52 PM)

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    Hope everyone enjoys playing Morrowind again

  2. Dave F

    Dave F Cinematographer

    May 15, 1999
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    I posted this a few times( [​IMG] ), but people seem to disregard this solution for some reason.

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