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Jan 9, 2001

He may not have, but I can tell you for a fact that EVERY theater in Hawaii had abandoned 1.33 even before 1956.

I was there, my dad was a theatre manager and the two theater chains in Hawaii, Consolidated Amusement and Royal Theaters had standard configurations for their theaters that did not make any provision for 1.33:1 projection.

Even the military base theaters were converted by 1955.

Since 1.33:1 projection would have required the purchase of two additional lenses, and since theater owners are generally notoriously cheap, virtually no theaters made the additional investment to project a ratio that was no longer considered a standard release print AR for current releases.


Roger Rollins

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Jun 19, 2001
I got all of the new Warner horror DVDs today, and they are amazing. Haven't had time to watch everything, but I did watch all of FREAKS, which looks AMAZING! This film has always looked bad, and Warner has really done an outstanding job here. The commentary by David Skal is terrific. Haven't had a chance to watch the documentary, which is as long as the movie itself (!).

Next up was DEAD RINGER, which is a heck of a lot of fun. Always has been a guilty pleasure of mine, and the crisp, new anamorphic transfer is a beauty to behold. Bette Davis chews up the scenery, and the commentary track by Charles Busch and Boze Hadleigh is a hoot and a half.

Took a cursory look at THE BAD SEED, and it looks smashing. I'm saving this one for the weekend to watch with friends.

Probably will get to VILLAGE/CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED this weekend, along with the LOST BOYS 2 Disc.

These are all beautifully packaged in (thank you, god!) sturdy Amarays. I'm so glad Warner released these titles and I'm so glad they dumped those &*&*(&(*& snappers!

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