More reciever questions.... Opinions.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jesse Sharrow, Jul 13, 2003.

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    Jul 11, 2003
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    Ok as some of you may have seen... I can get Denon, Yamaha, Sunfire, Pioneer Elite, Sony, Krell and Kenwood through dealer cost or accomadation. Well the speakers Im interested in are going to be Infinity Kappa 200 bookshelfs or B&W 805 bookshelfs. Im more leaning toward the infinities because they are have the price and I could do 6.1 or 7.1 quicker. The infinities are 100 watt power handling and the B&W's are 150. Should I look into something of that power range for a reciever or more power?

    I am interested in either....

    A: Denon AVR-4802 I love the remote and I like denon Stuff

    B: Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX have heard good things on this
    site but my coworkers say pioneer isnt the best.

    C: Yamaha RXV-Z1 Very low thd... I dont know if that matters

    D: Sunfire Ultimate Reciever, Sunifire name and tons of power.

    Now on the sunfire... its 200X7 would that be too much power? Cuz I know "as long as its clean your ok." So what do you guys think. Because I can get the best deals on these recievers thats why I picked these.
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    You cannot have too much power. Whatever receiver or amps you buy, if you turn it up past the audible distortion level, you can hurt your speakers. Don't do that!

    Higher wattage amps, ceterus parabus, will give you more headroom (ability to handle dynamics cleanly), and be able to play undistorted sound louder. However, not all advertised watts are created equal.

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