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    What are the differences, if any, between passively bi-AMPING with two 200W amps and bi-WIRING with one 400W amp? For example, would one method be able to handle dynamic peaks better than the other?
    I kind of get the impression from some people that bi-amping isn't worth the trouble unless you're actively bi-amping. Is this generally true? I can certainly understand the reasoning behind this assertion, but passive bi-amping must provide some improvement, right? It seems that some people don't advocate passive bi-amping, not because it degrades sound quality or anything, but because it's not worth the money over a single amplifier.
    If I wanted to bi-amp a pair of Paradigm Studio 100's with four channels of an Outlaw 770, for example, should I notice an improvement over using a single [200W] amp channel for each speaker? I've been contemplating an upgrade for many months, and lately my eyes have been set on the Studio 100's and Outlaw amplification.
    Your thoughts, please.
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    My guess (and it's just that: a guess) is that there will be a sonic improvement, perhaps more for music than for HT. I can not tell you how large the improvement will be for two reasons: (1) I have know idea, and (2) I find ludicrous the common practice of "quantifying" subjective experiences (i.e., this amp provides 95% of the sound, for 50% of the money...").

    As is always the case, let your ears, and wallet, be your guide.


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