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    I just moved into a new apartment and I want/need to hook up my surround speakers. The thing is, it's a pretty nice place and I don't want that "pink" showing on my freshly-painted walls (yeah, I know, I sound like a woman)! I suppose what I'm asking is this: are there any readily-available covers for speaker wires? Something I could place over the wire and then maybe paint the same color as my walls? I'm sure there are, but wouldn't know where to look for them.

    Also, on a seperate note, I'm now downstairs whereas I used to be does sound travel differently? i.e. I suppose I shouldn't be too worried about the subwoofer? I'm sure some of you out there live in apartments, I want to maximize my listening experience without getting any complaints!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me...

  2. John Garcia

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    There are a number of manufacturers who make white jacketed, paintable wire. The most commonly available I would say is Monster XP. It comes in spools of various length, and can be found most everywhere - including Circuit Chitty (intended) and Best Buy.
    You can also find various types at
    There are also "flat" wires of a similar type, which are also paintable.
  3. Phil Mays

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    Another thing you could do is to go to Officemax or Office depot and get wall mounted plastic conduit that "sticks" to the wall. This will also hide the speakerwire and look "professional".

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