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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Thira, Oct 19, 2003.

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    Mar 26, 2003
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    Recent antenna post has me wanting to improve my OTA HDTV reception.
    First, according to, I live in a yellow reception area.
    Presently I use a Terk 44 antenna with a satellite dish. My reception is not up to snuff if I should pick up what says. Plus I do have pixelation.
    First my satellite and antenna are mounted on a privacy wall at eye height.
    I have been pondering two solutions. One, simply mount the satellite and Terk 44 under the eaves on my second story, thus simply increasing the height og the antenna by approx15-20 feet?
    Secondly, adding a Winegard or Channel Master (Stealth?) onto my second story?
    While I am at it, I had also purchased a Terk FM Pro for FM reception (I know, this was before I became educated by this forum about Terk). I had planned to put this in my attic. However I have a tile roof, and I was told this would make the antenna ineffective.
    I did speak with tech support at Winegard. The suggestion was to bring in the OTA antenna and satellite dish cable together outside with a duplexer, thus having one cable into my home. This allows me to run the cable into my surge suppressor (has only one input for cable), then after the output of the surge supressor, use a duplexer to split into two cables. One goes to satellite HD Receiver. The second cable is split with a Winegard CA-8800( FM coupler) which loses only minimal signal, one cable to the OTA input in the HD receiver, the second to my FM tuner.
    Or would it be better to use separate antennas for OTA & FM? If so could I combine the cables outside with a duplexer, and then again combine this cable with the satellite cable again with a duplexer. Once into the surge suppressor, again splitting the signals as above.
    Before I take on this project, any suggestions to help?
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    May 30, 2003
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    Your problem is the Terk, its terrible the absolute worst antenna. Get a real all metal antenna like the Channel Master model 4221 and you will get much greater reception. Yellow signal level is very easy to pick up unless you use a Terk.

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