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Mario Gauci

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Jan 8, 2005
Rank ‘em, rate ‘em, review ‘em or whatever:

Bel di' vedremo, Un (1997)
Vacanza all'inferno, Una (1997)
... aka Vacation in Hell (USA: literal English title)
"Cielo non cade mai, Il" (1992) (mini) TV Series
Prova d'innocenza, Una (1990) (TV)
"Ricatto, Il" (1988) (mini) TV Series
Sicilian Connection (1987)
... aka Shataraa
... aka Shatterer (Japan: English title)
... aka Sicilian Connection (USA: video title)
Due assi per un turbo (1987) (TV)
Senza scrupoli (1986)
... aka Unscrupulous
Sporca insegna del coraggio, La (1986)
... aka Brothers in Blood
... aka Savage Attack (USA: video title)
"Caccia al ladro d'autore" (1985) TV Series (3 episodes)
Sahara Cross (1977)
Vai Gorilla (1976)
... aka Go Gorilla Go (International: English title)
Mio nome è Nessuno, Il (1973)
... aka My Name Is Nobody (Philippines: English title) (USA)
... aka Lonesome Gun (USA)
... aka Mein Name ist Nobody (West Germany)
... aka Mon nom est personne (France)
Ragione per vivere e una per morire, Una (1972)
... aka A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (USA)
... aka Dicke und das Warzenschwein, Der (West Germany)
... aka Horde des salopards, La (France)
... aka Massacre at Fort Holman
... aka Razón para vivir y una para morir, Una (Spain)
... aka Sie verkaufen den Tod (West Germany)
... aka Une raison pour vivre, une raison pour mourir (France)
Mio caro assassino (1972)
... aka My Dear Killer (UK: video title)
... aka Sumario sangriento de la pequeña Estefania (Spain)
Ragazza di nome Giulio, La (1970)
... aka A Girl Called Jules (UK)
... aka Model Love (UK: video title)
Prezzo del potere, Il (1969)
... aka Muerte de un presidente, La (Spain)
... aka Texas (UK)
... aka The Price of Power
Giorni dell'ira, I (1967)
... aka Blood and Grit (UK: video title)
... aka Day of Anger (USA)
... aka Days of Wrath
... aka Gunlaw (UK: video title)
... aka Tod ritt dienstags, Der (West Germany)
Per il gusto di uccidere (1966)
... aka Cazador de recompensas (Spain)
... aka For the Taste of Killing
... aka Lanky Fellow
... aka Taste for Killing

Bill McA

Senior HTF Member
Oct 18, 2000
Ratings from

Un Bel di' vedremo (1997)
Vacation in Hell (1997)
Una Prova d'innocenza (1990) (TV)
Sicilian Connection (1987)
Due assi per un turbo (1987) (TV)
Unscrupulous (1986)
Savage Attack (1986)
Sahara Cross (1977)
Go Gorilla Go (1976)
My Name Is Nobody (1973)
(Own the DVD)
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)
My Dear Killer (1972)
A Girl Called Jules (1970)
The Price of Power (1969)
Day of Anger (1967)
For the Taste of Killing (1966)

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Mario Gauci

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Jan 8, 2005
In order of merit:

1.The Price of Power (1969) ***
2.My Name Is Nobody (1973) ***
3.Day of Anger (1967) **1/2
4.A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972) **

The first one is a very obscure and surprisingly strong Spaghetti Western version of the JFK assassination which, in quick succession, I only learned about, watched on Italian TV and purchased on R2 DVD in September of this year!

The one film of his I’d like most to watch – and, unfortunately, I’ve already missed out on two opportunities to do so – is the giallo, MY DEAR KILLER (1972).


Senior HTF Member
Mar 4, 2001
Ranks and rating on a scale of * to *****:

1: My Dear Killer (1972) ****
2: My Name Is Nobody (1973) **

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Apr 7, 2000

A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)
The Price of Power (1969)
Taste of Killing (1966)

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