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Mario Gauci

Senior HTF Member
Jan 8, 2005
Rank ‘em, rate ‘em, review ‘em or whatever:

Marcellino (1991)
... aka Marcelino, pan y vino (Spain)
... aka Marcellino pane e vino
... aka Miracle of Marcellino (USA: video title)
Buon Natale... Buon anno (1989)
... aka Joyeux noël, bonne année (France)
... aka Merry Christmas... Happy New Year (International: English title)
Bohème, La (1988)
"Français vus par, Les" (1988) (mini) TV Series
... aka The Cowboy and the Frenchman (USA: DVD title)
... aka The French as Seen by... (literal English title)
Ragazzo di Calabria, Un (1987)
... aka The Boy from Calabria
... aka Un enfant de Calabre (France)
Storia, La (1986) (TV)
... aka History (USA)
Cuore (1985) (TV)
... aka Belles années, Les (France)
... aka Heart (International: English title)
Cercasi Gesù (1983)
... aka Imposteur, L' (France)
... aka Looking for Jesus (International: English title)
Matrimonio di Caterina, Il (1982) (TV)
... aka Catherine's Wedding (International: English title)
Voltati Eugenio (1980)
... aka Eugenio (International: English title)
Ingorgo - Una storia impossibile, L' (1979)
... aka Gran atasco, El (Spain)
... aka Grand embouteillage, Le (France)
... aka Ingorgo, L' (Italy: short title)
... aka Stau (West Germany)
... aka Traffic Jam (USA)
Signore e signori, buonanotte (1978)
... aka Goodnight, Ladies and Gentlemen (International: English title: literal title)
... aka Mesdames et messieurs bonsoir (France)
Gatto, Il (1978)
... aka Qui a tué le chat? (France)
... aka The Cat
Basta che non si sappia in giro!... (1976) (segment "Equivoco, L'")
Donna della domenica, La (1976)
... aka Femme du dimanche, La (France)
... aka The Sunday Woman (USA)
Quelle strane occasioni (1976) (segment "Ascensore, L'")
... aka Strange Occasion
Delitto d'amore (1974)
... aka Somewhere Beyond Love
Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso! (1974)
... aka How Long Can You Fall?
... aka Till Marriage Do Us Part
Scopone scientifico, Lo (1972)
... aka The Scientific Cardplayer
... aka The Scopone Game (USA: video title)
"Avventure di Pinocchio, Le" (1972) (mini) TV Series
... aka Aventures de Pinocchio, Les (France)
... aka Pinocchio (West Germany)
... aka The Adventures of Pinocchio (International: English title)
Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano (1969)
... aka Giacomo Casanova: Childhood and Adolescence
Senza sapere niente di lei (1969)
Italian Secret Service (1968)
... aka Russes ne boiront pas de Coca Cola!, Les (France)
Incompreso (1966)
... aka Incompris, L' (France: dubbed version)
... aka Misunderstood
Compagno Don Camillo, Il (1965)
... aka Don Camillo en Russie (France)
... aka Don Camillo in Moscow (International: English title)
... aka Genosse Don Camillo (West Germany)
Bugiarda, La (1965)
... aka Mentirosa, La (Spain)
... aka Partage de Catherine, Le
... aka Six Days a Week
... aka Une fille qui mène une vie de garçon (France)
Bambole, Le (1965) (segment "Trattato di Eugenetica, Il")
... aka Four Kinds of Love (UK)
... aka Poupées, Les (France)
... aka The Doll that Took the Town (USA: DVD box title)
... aka The Dolls (USA)
Mia signora, La (1964) (segment "Eritrea")
... aka My Wife (International: English title)
Tre notti d'amore (1964) (segment "Fatebenefratelli")
... aka Three Nights of Love
Ragazza di Bube, La (1963)
... aka Bebo's Girl (USA)
... aka Ragazza, La (France)
Commissario, Il (1962)
... aka The Police Commissioner (International: English title)
A cavallo della tigre (1961)
... aka Jail Break (UK)
... aka On the Tiger's Back (International: English title)
Tutti a casa (1960)
... aka Everybody Go Home (USA)
... aka Grande pagaille, La (France)
Und das am Montagmorgen (1959)
... aka And That on Monday Morning (International: English title)
Sorprese dell'amore, Le (1959)
... aka Surprise of Love (International: English title: informal literal title)
Mogli pericolose (1958)
Mariti in città (1957)
... aka Husbands in the City (International: English title)
Finestra sul Luna Park, La (1956)
... aka The Window to Luna Park (International: English title)
... aka Tu es mon fils (France)
Bella di Roma, La (1955)
... aka The Belle of Rome (International: English title)
Pane, amore e gelosia (1954)
... aka Bread, Love and Jealousy (Australia)
... aka Frisky (USA)
Pane, amore e fantasia (1953)
... aka Bread, Love and Dreams (USA)
Tratta delle bianche, La (1953)
... aka Girls Marked Danger (USA)
... aka Ship of Condemned Women (USA)
... aka The White Slave Trade
Valigia dei sogni, La (1953)
Heidi (1952)
... aka Heidi (USA)
Ospedale del delitto, L' (1950)
Persiane chiuse (1950)
... aka Behind Closed Shutters (USA)
Imperatore di Capri, L' (1949)
... aka The Emperor of Capri (International: English title)
Proibito rubare (1948)
... aka Guaglio
Bambini in città (1946)
... aka Children in Cities (International: English title)
Novelletta, La (1937)

Mario Gauci

Senior HTF Member
Jan 8, 2005
In order of merit:

1.Senza sapere niente di lei (1969) ***
2.Italian Secret Service (1968) ***
3.La Donna della domenica (1976) **1/2
4.Le Avventure di Pinocchio (1972) (Condensed Theatrical Version of TV Mini-series) **1/2
5.L' Imperatore di Capri (1949) **1/2
6.Pane, amore e fantasia (1953) **1/2
7.Pane, amore e gelosia (1954) **1/2
8.Incompreso (1966) **1/2

I also have these on VHS:

Tutti a casa (1960)
Il Gatto (1978)
Signore e signori, buonanotte (1978)

I mostly got acquainted with all these in the past 3 years and while Comencini can hardly be counted among Italy's greatest, there is not a bad film in the lot and the first two are, respectively, an obscure, early but very fine giallo and the second is a hilarious spoof of the spy sagas of the 1960s with Nino Manfredi as "Capellone", a remnant of the hippy lifestyle.

Bill McA

Senior HTF Member
Oct 18, 2000
Rated from
Till Marriage Do Us Part (1974)
The Scientific Cardplayer (1972)
Giacomo Casanova: Childhood and Adolescence (1969)
Senza sapere niente di lei (1969)
Italian Secret Service (1968)
Misunderstood (1966)
Don Camillo in Moscow (1965)
Six Days a Week (1965)
The Dolls (1965) (segment "Il Trattato di Eugenetica")
My Wife (1964) (segment "Eritrea")
Three Nights of Love (1964) (segment "Fatebenefratelli")
Bebo's Girl (1963)
The Police Commissioner (1962)
On the Tiger's Back (1961)
Everybody Go Home (1960)
And That on Monday Morning (1959)
Surprise of Love (1959)
Mogli pericolose (1958)
Husbands in the City (1957)
The Window to Luna Park (1956)
The Belle of Rome (1955)
Frisky (1954)
Bread, Love and Dreams (1953)
Ship of Condemned Women (1953)
La Valigia dei sogni (1953)
Heidi (1952)
L'Ospedale del delitto (1950)
Behind Closed Shutters (1950)
The Emperor of Capri (1949)
Proibito rubare (1948)
Children in Cities (1946)
La Novelletta (1937)

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Apr 24, 2010
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Samuel L
I have heard about Il Gatto and I would love to watch this film. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to exist in dvd form, and even a vhs is very hard to track... Thanks Mario for mentioning such a vhs, my hopes are up after reading that.

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