More basic Digital audio questions from an analog person

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    Back in my day, before cds the quality of the electronics of a amp, preamp or phono cartridge played a substantial part of dilivery of a good quality sound. With the new digital formats ie SACD and DVD-A is there any part of the play that still has to have a higher than average quality to playback a high quality source. Is there better D to A converters in more expensive units or all D to A coverters the same? Is the difference between a $1000 DvD-A player and a $300 player in other areas?
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    Yup. The quality of the DACs matters a lot. Cheap DACs aren't as linear as the better ones. The quality of the rest of the player matters too: analog output stage, power supply, grounding, filtering, mechanical construction, etc. Usually more expensive players produce better sound, but not always. It's best to audition in your system before you buy.
    But at our age, you have to take into account the quality of the receiving equipment, too.
    I've found that I can't hear anything above 15KHz any more. [​IMG]

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