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Monsters (2010) thoughts and newbie review

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Ryan-G, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Ryan-G

    Ryan-G Supporting Actor

    Oct 13, 2005
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    I found this film on X-box Live last night, strangely a "See it before it's in theaters" deal, and bit. Sadly I couldn't find a thread on it, so I thought maybe I could start one of my own? The keyword doesn't lend itself well to search sadly.

    The film was billed as a Sci-fi monster movie, which overall it is. But it is a bit European in it's approach, often reminding me of the filming style of "28 days later", which I also enjoyed.

    The character development I enjoyed overall, though it is a bit uneven...

    I felt the push to the romantic conclusion was a bit contrived as the plot point of the girl in Mexico was quickly dropped, and there was no real buildup to the romantic conclusion. They just kind of seemed to suddenly say "I love you" without any real reason to do so. That said, the male protaganists "Hidden pain" plot point was well done, and effectively balanced his appearance of being heartless.

    The story itself is believable and the atmosphere it creates with the scenes of the aftermath of the aliens does a very good job of conveying the state of the world.

    As far as the aliens themselves go, I feel they were very well done, but a bit underexplained, One has to spend a bit of time thinking to understand their motivations, and why they show up where they do, which depending on how you like your movies may or may not be a positive. Personally, I like the movies that leave to think a little after seeing them.

    One part of the filming style that I really enjoyed, and this is a *major* spoiler...

    I really enjoyed that the beginning of the movie is actually the end, and potentially sets up a sequel. IMO, they took a good cue from Cloverfield here and did a great job of using the handycam to show the viewer just enough to make them want to know what happened.

    Overall: I'd say that if you're a fan of "28 days later" this may be a movie for you. My personal rating is 3.5/5. I'd go 4 if it weren't for the uneven character development.


    I have to say, I *really* enjoyed the ability to see it before it even hit theaters. While there was a premium for it, roughly $10 (1200 points), I didn't mind paying the extra for it. To my thinking, it was cheaper than a trip to the theater given I'd need a date, and I ended up seeing a movie I otherwise likely wouldn't have seen in a theater.
  2. Malcolm R

    Malcolm R Executive Producer

    Feb 8, 2002
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  3. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez Screenwriter

    Dec 18, 2003
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    I liked it. I thought it was a pretty decent movie although it definitely had that low budget feel. I think the difference between this low budget movie and another low budget movie called Skyline is that skyline was more special effects but Monsters was more story. I liked the characters and their eventual conclusion.

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