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Jan 11, 2004
I have heard that you can make high quality cables by using RG6 (? I think that is its name) and F-connector to RCA male. Is the quality comparable to Monster cables? I have Component 2 video cables, and its a big difference from composite or even generic component cables. Just wanted to know if this works for any cable type: audio LR, composite, component, digital coax? Any problems/advantages with longs runs using coaxial cables?


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Aug 19, 2002
That's what interconnects are, is coaxial cables. I would refrain from using a bunch of adapters in your signal path especially with video, but for say sub audio it's not that picky so I wouldn't worry about it. If the coax is well-built that's the best. Monster tends to be overpriced, professional-spec'd belden/canare cables are much much better at the same prices.

Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999
Hi Carlos.

I have only recommended the CATV coax with "F-to-rca" adaptors for people who need a long subwoofer cable. Subwoofer frequencies are low and have a very low range.

Cables are actually easy to make (this is what all the broadcast studios and production houses do). The custom cable sites tend to offer cables starting at about $50 that can rival the higher-end Monster cables if you dont want to invest in the tools to build your own.

Long cables - no problem. Canare and Belden (coax makers) roll out 100 feet of coax, shove higher and higher frequencies down one end and brag about the results at the other end.

You CAN use the same coax stock for video and audio, but some people claim to hear a difference in one coax over the other. But IMHO video is more demanding/sensitive test and in general a good video cable makes a dandy audio and coaxial-digital cable.

Click the links at the top of this fourm for cable builders, then search for their names here. You will find lots of happy customers. (Mention HTF if you place an order - they always treat our members well.)

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