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MonoPrice HDMI switch broken (I think). Time to return it? (1 Viewer)


Jan 2, 2009
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For Christmas I got a MonoPrice HDX-401E switch that, since I first turned it on, has been nothing but problematic.

I originally had my Panasonic Blu-ray player (DMP-BD35), TiVo Series 3 and Apple TV connected to it. But I immediately moved the Blu-ray player to DVI input because the picture would blink out once every three seconds or so.

Now just the TiVo and the Apple TV are connected to the switch. But this has been problematic, at least when I switch between inputs. When I go from the TiVo to the Apple TV, sometimes my TV just freezes – the remote and even the manual controls on the side stop responding and I have to unplug it. Usually when this happens there’ll be a grey rectangle in the middle of the screen with black bars on the left and right. But the last time there was some flickering white dots in the top center of the screen. In both cases, briefly unplugging the TV and plugging it back in solved the problem.

As for switching from the Apple TV to the TiVo, sometimes this results in a picture that blinks out at seemingly random intervals. It continues doing this until I turn the TV off.

I’ve tried to find a way around all this: I’m controlling all of it with a Logitech Harmony 550 remote, and I’ve set it to always turn the switch on before the TV – this eliminated any problems I had when I was starting from a powered down state, but not when switching between inputs. I also thought making it so that the switch was “always on” would work, but that hasn’t solved the problem either.

Part of me thinks there might be some workaround involving the remote. Maybe it’s sending a command that’s confusing one or multiple components. But I’ve delved pretty deep into its settings and I think I’ve removed any troublesome commands. So at this point, I feel pretty convinced that I just have a bad switch, or at least one that’s incompatible with my particular setup. I’m about ready to just let the TiVo have the HDMI input all to itself and move the Apple TV to component.

But I’d like to get some feedback before I return or replace anything (maybe this is just some weird HDCP issue I can get around). Does anyone here have any advice?


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Aug 22, 2000
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Contact Monoprice. I had a problem with my 4x2 matrix HDMI switch. They had a new version out that fixed a lot of problems but my switch was over a year old. I sent an e-mail asking how much it would cost to upgrade. They replied 2 hours later with a tracking number of my replacement switch as well as instructions on send the old one back. Free upgrade and free shipping both ways!!!! The best customer service I have ever seen.


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