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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by drty070x, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I am wondering if anybody has heard of Monitor Audio speakers and if so what have they heard. How do they compare to Def Tech speakers? A local shop sells both Def Tech and Monitor Audio. Just wondering looking for some opinions. Thanks in advance.
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    I've heard of Monitor Audio but I've never actually heard them. I'm sure they're a quality name brand speaker. sell them along with PSB.
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    if a local shop sells both, go listen to them side by side. an a-b comparison with your own ears will tell you more than anything anyone here has to say.

    i bought psbs from saturdayaudio a few years ago and auditioned the monitor bronze series there (the psb's were a great deal at the time). i have heard deftechs in magnolia depts. it's hard to say, but i'd venture than the monitor audio speakers are a bit fuller, rounder, warmer, etc. while the deftechs will likely sound a bit more neutral, detailed. but again, you listen and decide what you like.
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    When I auditioned for fronts about 5 years ago I listened to the Bronze B2s side by side with Axiom Audio M3s, and Paradigm Studio 20s.

    The B2s were more efficient (louder at the same volume setting) than both the M3s and the 20s. The M3s were a bit brighter than both the B2s and 20s, while the 20s sounded too 'laid back' compared to the other two, the sound image seemed to be coming from behind the speakers.

    I almost picked the M3s because of their better detail, but preferred the B2s over it due to the efficiency, and the Paradigms did not sound as good as the other two with music.

    Of the three, all things considered I picked the Monitor Audios. While it sounded bright out of the box, after a couple of days burn-in period (not pushing them too loud), the brightness rolled off a bit and actually sounded better to me. It also goes low enough to still enjoy listening to it without a subwoofer. I enjoy listening to them on both music and surround movies.

    I recently bought a set of mirage nanosats for another room and in comparison, those nanosats are very detailed compared to the other 3.

    I'm driving them with HK 525 and an SVS PCi subwoofer.

    It would be best if you can audition the speakers at your home with your equipment. I got mine at Good Guys then, and Axiom lets you try their speakers for a period for free. Hope this helps.

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