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Nigel Hooper

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Jul 1, 2004
2 pairs of the Monitor Audio B2s and a Monitor Audio Bronze Centre. Fantastically well reviewed and considered to be superlative speakers. Truly mint with not a scratch on them. Wonderfully warm and detailed sound.


The B2 has just been awarded the years top accolade in its class from What HiFi by winning the 'Super Test' for speakers.
In the April addition we called the B2's a "must listen product", so we already knew they were a class act - but can they become class leaders?
Metal dome tweeters can induce Roger Moore-style eyebrow elevations among hifi enthusiasts, but in practice the B2's driver is as smooth as Bond himself and there's no hint of brightness that taints many such domes. High frequencies are exquisitely balanced, and the Monitor Audios grab Wyclef Jean's acoustic guitar during his Wish You Were Here cover and present it with awesome precision and razor sharp bite...switch to Vivaldi and the B2's dynamics prove invigorating and the far-reaching soundstage contains class-leading detail...our winners are the Monitor Audio B2's. These are highly accomplished speakers...their overall performance is faultless and their talents mean you'll be able to delay their upgrade for a good while...forget "must listen" - the B2's are "please listen" products.

"Yeah, I’ve reviewed a lot of ensembles in this price range recently, but the Monitor Audio Bronze series hands down outperforms them all. The well-balanced attack of movies and music combined with the exceptional component selection and competitive pricing make this decision a no-brainer."

How does this package actually sound? Excellent is the answer. The similarities in construction mean all channels are beautifully balanced and share a tonally consistent sound - bass is tight and controlled, midrange expressive, and high frequencies warm and exciting. The package as a whole is very even-handed, and its all-round ability makes it extremely well suited to home cinema. And, not surprisingly given the front channels are five-star stereo speakers, two-channel music also sounds great. The centre channel delivers well-projected, natural vocals that are full of character and expression.
Low frequencies are taut and controlled, adding all the weight you need to explosive scenes. Also of note are the all-embracing dynamics and the high degree of detail that's discernable from music or movies - all pretty impressive for a package at this price. The Monitor Audio Bronze B2 package is a highly accomplished set of surround speakers. Excellent integration, crisp detail and lively dynamics make it a must-listen.

Once fired up, the system takes no time at all to reveal its true colours. This is an exceptionally precise performance, with audio that feels crisp and tight, producing no sign of unwanted resonance. Sound tracks move seamlessly from speaker to speaker across the soundspace, disguising the fact that we are listening to five distinct sources. Subtle audio elements such as the sound of thunder and rain heard from behind closed doors, or noises coming from other rooms, are created with an accurate sense of space that adds further realism to already atmospheric scenes. The quieter and more delicate the situation, the more the system's pin-sharp qualities become apparent. $875 Canadian. Will include one pair of $150 spiked, sand filled speaker stands. Partial trades considered as well.


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