Monitor 7 Series vs Performance Phantom Series

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    OK I should have posted this in this section so...

    What are the differences between the Monitor Series vs Performance series specifically the phantoms vs monitor 7?

    The price difference is like $175

    The specs don't seem to be drastically different either.

    While I did go for the Monitors,(still waiting on them to arrive) I am wondering if it justifies the extra 175. I didn't get to hear the Phantoms since they didn't have them at the store by me.

    Now on I am reading some people say they aren't recommended for smaller rooms. My room is approx 12ft width by 24 ft length though half of that length will be used for a/v setup

    So what does everyone think?

    Is the sound quality a big difference etc...
  2. John Garcia

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    I had a very similar decision between the Titan and Mini Monitor, which are basically the same difference as you describe, just in bookshelf speakers. I had Titans already, and I demoed Minis at home. I now have the Minis. Bass response is similar frequency wise, but the Mini is much more accurate. Highs are more crisp and clear with the 1" tweeter vs 3/4". It's a tough choice, but I would personally go with the 7s. If you don't really want to spend the extra $$$, then I'd say you will still be very happy with the Phantoms.

    *edit - that is not to say that I didn't like the Titans. I have them as my rears and as my mains in my bedroom system.

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