Modular media rack design

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Mike Knapp, Aug 21, 2003.

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    I finally got tired of keeping some of my records in the house and some in the garage, and all my laser discs inside a cabinet. I also needed to incorporate CD storage into whatever I built because this new rack has to go where my current CD rack resides.

    So I got the bright idea to make a modular rack. Each of the "boxes" ib the picture above are individual and seperate. I can stack them in any fashion I choose and when I have to move the rack I dont have a huge piece of furniture to move around. I can even leave the discs in the boxes when I move it!

    I still need to fill the nail holes and then sand them down good. I am going to paint the front edges and the interiors black and then I will use different colors of wood dye on the outsides and apply a coat of satin poly to finish them off.

    When my collection outgrows the rack, I can just build a few more boxes! [​IMG] This rack is based on LP records and CD's but it would be just as easy to build modular boxes for DVD's too.

    I had all the wood pre-cut including the 1/8" plywood I used for the backs, so I didnt have to make any sawdust. The cut wood ready to assemble cost me 150 bucks. It is furniture grade plywood. Add some finish nails and some wood glue...there you go.

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    Very nice mike. American thrift at it's best.


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