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MK vs. Hsu??? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 5, 2003
Where I came from, people always recommand MK subwoofers if money is no object. I checked with Tom's chart, and found that specs alone, the sub I have, Hsu VTF-2 (I got it for $342) blows M&K MX125 mkII (can be had for $935) out of the water. When I ask those people who recommand MK subs, I always get replies like: "louder is not always better" and "smoothness is important, too" blah, blah... I can not understand how people can recommand a subwoofer not as good as another costing only about 1/3 as much. Perhaps there is something to it in MK subs.. Since MK subs are so widely used in professional recording studios, maybe they are looking for other things that I don't know about. So, has anyone directly compared MX125 mkII with Hsu VTF-2? or any subwoofers out there that have similar performance with VTF-2?

Arthur S

Senior HTF Member
Jul 2, 1999
There are only 2 critical issues with subs. How loud will it go and how deep can it go. There is a reason that the Velodyne 1800 is at the top of the heap in Tom Vodhanel's sub list.

There are all kinds of claims about subs. Bag End says their subs reach down to 8 Hz. What they don't tell you is that you can't hear that frequency on the Bag End because it can only do like 70 db (or less) at 8 Hz.

The M&K 5000 sub (now discontinued) was a very good sub, but it cost about $3,500. There have been and are going to be more and more powerful subs for less money. The M&K subs have no special sound quailites that I know of.

IF M&K sounded so great, you would be aware of it from forums like this and others. Basically, M&K was for people with money. Not to say they aren't any good, but that there are better performers for less money. M&K also deserves to be recognized for their committment to THX designs.


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