Mixing B&W lines (HTM center w/ CDM mains)

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  1. Eric Sevigny

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    Dec 25, 2000
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    I recently bought a new pair of mains after much consideration, listening and debating. I chose B&W CDM 1NT. I couldn't be more happier with them. Here comes the "but"... They don't match my Paradigm CC-370 center [​IMG] , and I do feel it "crushes" the soundstage somewhat. So, I have been thinking of exchanging it at the dealer for a B&W center, which I am hoping I will be more happy with.
    My choices are either to go straight for the CDMC (matching CDM center) or put more money into it and get the Nautilus HTM2. My fear is that while the HTM2 should, maybe, most probably be a better center then the CDM one, it may not match well with my 1NTs. But, since they are using the same tweeter and driver, maybe it would work... Anyone with experience mixing the Nautilus line with CDM ? Is it a good match ? I want a very good center, and the HTM2 is tempting, but the CDM should sound terrific too [​IMG] (will be auditioning them this weekend)
    Small note on my current setup:
    I am presently using Paradigm Monitor 3 for surrounds (my former mains), they do a perfect job at it. I'll probably decide to phase them out someday, put the 1NTs at the back and get bigger or Nautilus speakers for the front.
    All of that is powered by a Yamaha RX-V800, planning on adding a separate amp when funds will be available [​IMG]
    Oh, and I use a SVS 25-31PC for bass, so there i'm covered [​IMG]
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    I'm using CDM 9 NT main speakers with the HTM-1 without difficulty. The HTM-1 is a far superior speaker to the CDM center speaker but I'm not so sure the HTM-2 is that much better. Will your dealer let you try the two out with your system so you can judge for yourself?
    Best regards-Henry

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