Mixed Paradigm/Cambridge SW system?

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    Dec 2, 2002
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    Question regarding two setups I am considering. I'm price and size sensitive. I've listened to Paradigms and liked them, but I cannot afford an all Paradigm system. I'll listen to more music than movies but with a Pro Logic II receiver. I've enjoyed ProLogic II for CD's.
    System 1. I'm looking at an open box Cambridge MovieWorks 5.1 or MovieWorks II 5.1. Comes with a 12S or 10S sub, respectively. These systems cost $460.00 or $380.00.
    System II. Paradigm Titans or Atoms for fronts, then CSW sub 8s or 10s(paradigm sub too expensive), CSW surrounds Surround 5.1's (open box) and a CSW center (center stage or center plus)(open box). I am also looking at a used Paradigm center as an alternative - I've read it is important to match the center and mains here on the forum.
    This system would be closer to $540.00.
    I wanted to add the Paradigms into the system because music will be the main use and I thought that the Titans and Atoms sounded nice, but I'm most worried about mixing the brands and sizes of speakers together.
    Thanks in advance for any input given.
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    You definitely do not want to mix your center and mains so if you go with Paradigms for mains then the used Paradigm center is the way to go. But if you are going with Atoms or Titans then make sure that the center is from the Performance series and not the Monitor or Studio series, otherwise you will still have a mismatch even though it is all Paradigm speakers.

    Unless you are planning on using your system for 5 channel music then you will be able to get away with surrounds from a different manufacturer. For movies the surrounds are more for ambient sound so timber matching, while preferable, is not as much an issue as it is for your front soundstage.

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