Mix and Match brand of cables

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  1. JamesGL

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    Do most of you stick with ONE brand of wires and cables or mix and match?

    Looking at the back of my rack, it's like a rainbow of sorts. Just wondering if I am the only or if this is a bad idea.
    Should I be consistent? ex. brand of component cables going in to the receiver and out, is it best that they are the same?
  2. Garrett Lundy

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    I dunno. I have a nice assortment of old Monster cables (Back before I knew any better), Radio Shack Gold Series, and "came in the box" freebies. Certainly looks like a tangle of wires, but I don't personally feel that my system suffers because of it.
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    Mix and match.

    Keep in mind that many brands have different grades/prices. You DONT need to match these.

    Companies like Monster would LOVE it if you pony'ed up the $$$ for ZX300 series cables for all your interconnects ($220 for a component cable)

    My ranking would be:

    Subwoofer Cable - any good interconnect with snug RCA plugs work for this

    Analog Interconnect - Use basic quality cables for low-grade sources like VCR, CATV or Game systems. If you have a SACD or a Pre/Pro system you might want to upgrade to a more 'name' brand for higher-quality analog signals. Use a more 'name' brand if you like music and use a analog connection from a CD player to reciever.

    Coaxial-digital - Use a basic quality VIDEO cable for these connections. The signals are fairly cable-insensitive.

    Video - Use a basic quality cable for low-grade sources like CATV, VCR, Game system. Use a 'better' quality cable for higher quality sources like a DVD player.

    If you have a HDTV and a HD source (Sat, or Cable) be sure to buy a HD-Rated component cable. A good $50-$80 cable from a custom site would be fine.

    Speaker Wire - If you mainly use all your speakers for movies, a good quality 12 ga wire works fine.

    If you are into music, you might start with good 12 ga, but later audition more audiophile-grade wires for your L/R speakers (or all the speakers you use for music reproduction).

    And always, always follow this guideline:

    This will help prevent you from over-spending on wires.

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