Mitsubishi XD300U vs HT1000

Discussion in 'Displays' started by james.norris, Sep 15, 2003.

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    Anyone ever done any comparison between these two? A guy at Projecotr People recommended the Mitsubishi XD300U over the HT1000. Wanted some more opinions.

    Also, a couple of nights ago I purchased a 60" X 80" Draper Targa 1200 on eBay for $105... Thought this was a great purchase since they sell new for roughly $3000 and this one looked to be in excellent shape...

    I'm really am interested in the HT1000 after reading so many complimentary articles about it, but I'm concerned with the height of my ceilings (8') from screen to 13' back and only (7') 13' to 15' back. The room is layed out with a 2' inset where the screen will go and eventually be encased with wood trim, etc... to give it a finished look...

    I label this as a media room just because there is a bar area, gas fireplace and card table in the room (32' X 15'). The room can be completely dark since there are no windows. The only access is through a pair of solid french doors. I have 4 series of lighting: pendant over card table; 6 recessed over theater area; 2 sconces near screen area but have no reflection on screen and 5 recesses in bar fireplace area... All lighting will be on Lutron Grafik Eye 3104.

    I have decided to keep everything 4:3 for now since I'll mainly be using the room to watch sports, play games and view an occasional movie.

    Any ideas why the guy at Projector People suggested the Mits 300 over the HT1000?
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    when i ordered mine from them last week, my salesman told me they were not going to be carrying them anymore since sales had slowed down quite a bit lately(?!).
    if that really was the case, id be willing to bet most people like myself were waiting to see if NEC would announce a follow-up to it at Cedia.
    since they didn't, i didn't bother waiting any longer, and i expect more people will feel the same.
    they only had one unit left in stock and it was a demo unit with 3 hrs on the bulb.
    i opted to have them get NEC to drop ship me a brand new one instead.
    (that other unit might still be there, and there was a slight discount on it).

    i have what sounds like a very similar room to yours.
    i have mine on a DIY stand/cart and its sitting off-axis about 35 degrees.
    the 3D reform feature squares the image back up amazingly well , and i can't detect any image degradation.

    for the final end price, this projector is really hard to beat.

    i'm not familiar with the Mits.

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