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Mitsubishi wt46807 and progressive scan dvd

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by DAN NEIR, May 28, 2001.


    DAN NEIR Guest

    I just ordered the mitsubishi 46807 today. I'm getting avia later this week and was wondering on if i should upgrade my dvd player next. I currently have the sony s330. Does a progressive scan dvd player make even more of a difference???
  2. Jay Mitchosky

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    More or less, depending on the quality of the monitor's deinterlacer. Mits isn't really known for their video processing so you would expect to see a fairly significant improvement in image quality. Fewer artifacts and a more stable, more detailed image. And fortunately the new Mits sets do not lock on full when receiving a progressive image.
    Sets like the Pioneer Elite series have excellent deinterlacing engines - while there is still a notable benefit to a progressive player it would not be to the same degree.
    Also note that progressive players are not created equal. Most use the Genesis deinterlacer, which is known for its problems with combing during 2:3 reverse telecine. But the errors are infrequent and quickly pass. Silicon Image's chip is typically regarded as being more effective in this regard - it's the same chipset as used in the iScan. Secrets of Home Theater did a great shootout on progressive players that go into these differences in greater depth. If I had a link I would offer it but don't have it on this PC.
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