Mitsubishi WS-485515 green tint

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Michael Nelson, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Michael Nelson

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    I recent purchased a Mitsubishi WS-48515 and while it functions fine, is the right price and perfect size for my living room, it has an annoying green tint to the picture that I simply have been unable to eliminate. It is particularly noticeable in dark scenes.

    I've carefully "calibrated" the TV with VE but I still get annoyingly green tinted shadows. Even if I turn the color down considerable after using VE (which was the only cure for red push in a similar situation with my last RPTV), the green remains. In fact, green is the last color to disappear as I turn the color all the way down.

    I simply cannot accommodate the green push. It's more than a minor glitch in the color decode, it's a borderline defect. Dark scenes look like I'm watching them through night vision goggles. It is driving me crazy.

    On the assumption that the grey scales are screwy, my plan is to try an get a professional calibration out of the retailer from whom I purchased it (a local chain that specializes in large screen TVs). Failing that, I'll return the TV, which will be difficult because Mr. Idiot (i.e., I) broke the protective glossy shield when I removed it.

    Anyway, before I take on that battle, I was wondering if anybody else out there owns this TV or one of its larger kin. If you have, have you've noted a similar "green push" problem? If so, did you solve the problem and how?

    Thanks in advance for you input.
  2. John Whittle

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    Do you have a 21 step grey scale you can put up (signal generator or on some disc) in black and white?

    Sounds like the grey scale isn't tracking and that the green low level needs to be turned down. This SHOULD NOT be difficult (in the olden days of regular CRT sets there were screen and drives for each gun and you cuold easily correct low and high level for grey scale tracking).

    It will probably take getting into a service menu to do this--it's not something you can do with color/tint/picture/brightness settings.

    You probably have a suitable test signal on your VE disc, but I just don't remember right now.

  3. Gregg Loewen

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    Gregg Loewen
    John is correct.
    You could also turn the color control down to zero and then look at the image. If there is color in it, there is a gray scale problem.
    As a side note, there is ALWAYS gray scale issues in a display, prior to calibration.
    A good service tech will be able to fix your problem. Please also note that fixing the green problem is not the same as doing a color calibration.
    Best wishes,


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