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Mitsubishi RPTV series differences? (1 Viewer)

Mar 28, 2002
I was at Tweeter today looking to replace my Mitsubishi VS-50604 50" RPTV(4X3). I liked the WS-55859 55 RPTV HDTV. I could get it for $3200 and I think that is a decent price. The man also told me that Mitsubishi is starting a 20 month "no payment, no interest" plan later this week.

Anyway I came home with the brochure and I see this set is of the "Platinum Series". There is also a "Platinum Plus" and a "Diamond Series". What does one get when spending the extra money on these different series? The Diamond has a "High Gloss Cabinet". That doesn't do much for me.

I have Drect TV with DIrect TiVo unit and I may get an antenna on the roof or attic for HDTV use. Is this set suitable for this use?



Todd Ener

Sep 3, 1998
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Todd Ener
From what I have gathered, the differences are:

Platinum - Basic, HD-upgradeable

Platinum Plus - Intermediate, Upgraded lens, built-in HDTV tuner

Diamond - Top of the line, better lens, anti-glare screen.

This is just my .o2 worth. If I were to get one, I would probably end up with the Plus myself. I did not see a $1000 difference with the upgraded lens and anti-glare screen. Mind you, there is a difference, just not a $1000 difference to me at this time. Enjoy.
Mar 28, 2002
Thanks. I went back to the brochure and it states that the WS-55859 has intergrated HDTV, making it the only one in the Platinum line with that feature. The other 2 lines have it with and without as well.

They all looked good in the showroom with HDTV on. I'll probably go with the 55859.



Dave Dahl

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 30, 1997
The WS55859 also has an improved menu system, firewire connection, and a lenticular screen dot pitch of .52mm

For the money and incredible tv set.


Jim FC

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Feb 5, 2001
There are two platinum plusses! The 55859 does not have the upgraded lens, but rather it has the same lens as the regular Platinum model. The 55819 has the better lens system, but no firewire and no integrated HD tuner. This TV (if you can find it) goes for less than $2800, making it the best buy in the entire Mitsu line IMHO. If you can get off-air HD reception, though, the 55859 is a great TV, just without the better lens.


Sep 7, 2000
I can't emphasize this enough, if you are in the Chicago area, please do yourself a favor and goto AbtElectronics!
I went there.. went to Toton's in Joliet, Tweeter, and Grant's.. all known for great prices. Grant's no longer carries Mitsus...
Anyways, I went to Tweeter 3x..talked to 3 diff salespeople.. best price was $2850 with the 5 year parts & labor warranty.
Toton's. I talked to Wally himself, the owner, and the best he could do was $2800 with the 5 year parts & labor warranty.
I walked into Abt, knowing they advertised it for $2799 on their website and in the store, and I told the sales person, I went to several other places and got quotes from them, I am ready to buy the Mitsu 55819 with the 5 year warranty, what is the best price you can give me, and if the number is right, I will buy it right now. He asked what the other quotes were, but I said just give me YOUR best price please.
He came back at $2500, $2200 for the TV, $300 for the warranty, I knew I had nothing to lose, so I asked if that was the absolute best he could do, to try and make him think he didn't beat one of my other quotes, and he came back at $2450 and said that is the absolute lowest I can go.
Needless to say I picked it up :) And bought a Toshiba SD-3805 too.
I watched it for a long time with all of the sources I'd be using (Antenna, Antenna-HDTV, Cable, DTV, DTV-HTDV, DVD Progressive Scan) and was very happy with the picture as well as the different "stretch modes" available.
It will be delivered tomorrow and I am PSYCHED! It will be a large improvement over my 27" :) Anyone have any tips on calibrating/adjusting it?
Thanks in advance,


Second Unit
Jul 19, 2000
I'll second Abt's excellent prices. I bought my Panasonic RP-91 DVD player there and got a great price ($439). I also was surprised what they're willing to move on. I was looking for some component cables and was having a hard time finding them so I asked a salesman for help. He showed me where they were and knocked $10 off the price. They were a good price to begin with. That was cool!


Second Unit
May 27, 2002
I will add a third recommendation for ABT, and my own story. I found the best price (by far) on the Mits I was looking for there. They quoted me the 65819 (this is the same as the 55819, only the 65" version) for: $2600, with their three-year warranty, plus a possible upgrade to a five-year warranty for only an additional $199.99. Free delivery. (I had haggled the guy down to $2900, and then to $2800, and was about to walk out the door, saying "I need to do some hard thinking." The guy stopped me and said "If you buy it today, I could go as low as $2600." BUT... I wanted to buy from my local Tweeter (which had refused to deal), so I did the following.

1.) I made the sales guy write all of the details on the bak of his card.

2.) I went to the Tweeter, explained how I had almost bought at ABT, but wanted to give Tweeter a chance to match it. I showed him the card, and said "he's working right now, go ahead and call him if you want to."

3.) Tweeter matched it, (made me wait 30 minutes first, of course), including the free delivery. I took advantage of the 0% interest, 0% down deal.

It was not that I did not trust ABT for the sale... I do. I live a mile from this Tweeter, though, and I like doing business there, and I like the idea that they are so close.

Whatever approach you take, visit ABT, for certain.

And, either the Platinum Plus or the Diamond are GREAT sets, especially if you are willing to do a bit of minor tweaking. You will need to fix the red push, but it is very doable. There are two calibrators who repeatedly claim these models offer the VERY BEST picture after an ISF calibration, better than the Pioneer Elites, or any other brand.

-Bruce in Chi-Town

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