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Mitsubishi RearProjector Shuts Itself Off- HELP (1 Viewer)

Mark Abrams

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 13, 1999
I've been having a problem with my 14y/o Mitsubishi
VS-585R 50" rear projector TV - It's performed pretty
flawlessly through the years; so far all I've had to
replace on it was the sweep board.

Lately,though, and with increasing frequency, it spontaneously turns itself off, sometimes after
having been on for quite a few hours, sometimes
several times right after I turn it on in the a.m.
There is usually a brief, sharp spike in the
sound VOLUME just as it shuts off.

I had the local Mitsubishi authorized repair
people come and look at it but they said they
had no idea what the problem was, which was not
very encouraging. Basically told me I should
buy a new TV, which is not an option for me at
this point. That seemed like kind of a cop-out,
and I just can't believe nobody's ever encountered
this problem before.

Any ideas on pinpointing the problem?!! Any help
would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Abrams

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 13, 1999
Received a response on this problem from another Forum and the poster suggested I try replacing C906 on the main defector board - a 22uf 100 volt capacitor that he claimed
can cause a number of voltage problems on the chassis....

I also tried calling the local Mitsubishi service center again and they said it could be a number of things, including even vertical sweep problems triggering a safety
shutdown... the peculiar thing about the shutdown each time it happens is that there is a split-second spike in sound
volume just as it happens.

Anybody have any ideas on this or where I could get a
replacement board for a set this old (1989-1990), please
speak up! Thanks...

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