Mitsubishi DD-8030 INFO PLEASE!

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  1. Jeffrey Beal

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    Sep 9, 2002
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    Hello All,

    I am in a Search for a New dvd player, my pioneer dvd player has worked great for the last 5 years but alas, time has brought new players with better features.

    I just bought a new TV 55" Mitsubishi Hdtv and I wanted to know some info about the new Mitsubishi dd-8030 Dvd player. It says it is a True Progressive player. Thats great and all but whats so true about it? I have been reading up on certain other manufacturers that have great reviews. I am looking for a progressive scan player for under $400.00 and help would be great. Do you know if it has a Faroudja chipset or a genesis chipset? Or what other players offer the Faroudja chipset. The order of importance to me.
    #1 Video Performance
    #2 Sound Quality
    #3 Price

    Thanks Jeff,
  2. John Kotches

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    The Mitsu 8030 is a rebadged Toshiba SD-5700 or SD-4700, I don't recall which.


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