mitsubihi red push-need help

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  1. John Ford

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    I have a Mitsubishi VS-50605 and after calibrating it with Avia I found that the red was pushed about 20-25%. I brought it down by desauturating the blue and green but it looks a bit washed out. I can access the service menu but I have not been able to translate the abreviations that Mitsubishi is using for the menu items on this set. Does anyone here know if the color decoder can be adjusted to reduce red push without sacrificing the blue and green. A listing of the service code abreviations would also be very helpful.
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    Hi, well not sure if you have found the answer to this question or have even asked this question in the TV area, if you have not then these two links are an absolute must for you.
    o Red Push solution #1
    o Red Push solution #2
    Check out other posts at concerning getting the most out of your Mitsubishi. I am about to take the plunge on a WT-46807.
    But anyway back to trying to figure out this Spectra Lab demo :/ Getting there...
    - Brett
  3. John Ford

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    Brett, thanks for the info. Unfortunetly, it seems that Mitsubishi changed the menu codes when the newer models came out and that is what is in the threads you posted. Since mine is an older set, no one seems to have access to a service menu. thanks anyway.

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