Mission of Burma to record new album

Discussion in 'Music' started by DonaldB, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Excerpt of article from Matador Records below, full story here...

    Mission Of Burma - New Recordings Due In May
    Matador Records is totally psyched to announce the signing of Mission Of Burma. The new album - their first new studio recordings in 22 years - is tentatively scheduled for worldwide release in May 2004.
    Mission Of Burma were a Boston-based band circa 1978-1983. During their brief tenure, they released one album, one EP and two singles for the Ace Of Hearts label, all of which have been reissued on CD by Rykodisc. Demo recordings and radio sessions were later released in less impressive form by the Taang label.

    Since the band's breakup in 1983, their musical influence has taken on mythic form. The number of bands who have cited Mission Of Burma's influence is in obverse proportion to the group's popularity in 1983 - though it would not be an exaggeration to say they've been cited more during their hibernation than during their existence.
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    I'm surprised these guys are back together. But it's true. They did a live shot on WFMU recently and did a show at Irving Plaza last week.

    I guess Clint Conley finally recovered from that long-term hearing loss he suffered being at the center of one of Boston's loudest bands.

    Joe Viglione, a Boston townie rocker and allmusic scribe, is fond of referring to the band as Mission of Bummer.

    This must be a thrill for Gerard Cosloy who was a punk-ass beyotch out trying to flog copies of his mimeographed fanzine when MoB was in its heyday. Now that he's prez of Matador he can return the favor.

    That's when I reach for my Crass t-shirt.

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