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Adam Sanchez

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Oct 4, 1999
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Hey all

First off I just wanted to say hi. I use to lurk hear many years ago and post fairly frequently back when I was more "into" home Theater. I have always maintained my HT, in my living room, but nothing has changed in quite a few years as far as my HT goes. My life has certainly changed, now having 2 kids since I was last here.

Anyway circumstances have come up that have rekindled my interest in Home theater, and a desire to update my surround sound to include Atmos. A brief history: I've had a Onkyo HT-RC270 since 2011. This AVR was among the ones you may of heard of that had HDMI problems. For me, I got lucky and had little to no issues with mine. Recently, I discovered how bad the issue was for others and how Onkyo had extended warranties/replacement options FAR outside the normal warranty window. First out of curiosity, I looked into it with my own AVR to see what repair/replacement etc options were available to me (knowing next to nothing about what they would offer.) I half expected an option to get my HDMI board replaced or something. When I punched in my serial, I was given 2 options: Buy 1 of 2 AVRs at a discounted rate, or a rebate offer. I actually didn't qualify for the rebate offer as my AVR was bought WAY before the date window required. That left me with the buy a new one at a discounted price. One model was the TX-RZ810 and the other model I don't recall but it was more than I would of wanted to spend, even with the discount.

We still have all 1080p stuff but eventually will get a 4K TV and when that happens, everything else we have would need an upgrade to pass a 4K signal. Although we had not planned to get an AVR now, with the prospect of a good deal, I looked into the model I was being offered for the discounted price. After a few days of researching the TX-RZ810, and seeing what it had vs what mine had and anything it lacked (or so I thought), not to mention it was a great deal for a "High end" RZ line which I wouldn't even have considered under normal circumstances. Since it was a bit older model, I even compared it to what a "Newer" model would offer and nothing jumped out to me as a must have. Certainly nothing worth the money we would save on this "older" model. So we ended up getting the TX-RZ810.

Beginning to get to my point finally. Overall, I like the AVR (although I haven't had much time with it), but I was very disappointed when I realized it does not have the Audyssey feature that past Onkyo's have had. When I did my research on the unit, it simply never occurred to me to check if it had something like that. I had no idea Onkyo had dropped them.

What my post is about is Dynamic Volume, which was part of Audyssey. I imagine it's not a popular feature among Enthusiasts, but we used it daily on my HT-RC270 due to it's ability to keep the volume from getting too quiet or too loud. It was on nearly all the time when my wife or kids were watching TV, or Steaming a movie with Apple TV or whatever. When I wanted to watch a movie, I simply switched the Receiver to THX Cinema, which would turn off dynamic volume and all that.

My problem is the TX-RZ810 does not have it...nor does it seem to have any equivalent that I can tell. I thought Late Night Mode might be an option, but its use seems so limited as to when you can actually use it. So is there anything I can do to approximate what Dynamic volume did on my old AVR with my new one? Ideally of course I'd like it to be as simple as it once was, but that may be impossible. I may be making a big deal out of a feature nobody uses, but being able to control the dynamic range of volume was really helpful for us and a feature we're going to miss.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help.

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