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Discussion in 'Music' started by Mike Broadman, Sep 30, 2003.

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    Ok, since I couldn't find some of the threads I was looking for for some reason, and because I have a tough bug at work I don't feel like fixing now, this post is just a collection of random music related things on my mind. Indulge me if you wish.

    Beware: jazz will be discussed.

    Point the first:

    I've talked up the legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey a lot, as he is my personal favorite drummer ever of all time all throughout the universe ever. Fortunately, he released so much great stuff. The other day I picked up an album of his, Indestructible, a 1964 date with his Jazz Messengers, including Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, and Cedar Walton that I've never heard before. Wow- possibly my favorite, despite the more than a dozen Blakey titles I already have. Every track is a hard-hitting swinger (except one ballad) and the tunes are all original. Wayne Shorter is, IMO, one of the greatest composers (when he doesn't get too cerebral and insane), so when it's coupled with these musicians and grounded by Art, the result is just too awesome.

    I'm listening to it now and I'm even typing in rhythm (when I'm not air drumming). And I only paid $9.99.
    (So, for anyone complaining about CD prices, remember that the greatest music this country has to offer can be acquired at reasonable prices and the music is not generally available to download).

    My favorite tune is the one where Art goes: bum, bah-BAH, dun-dun, de-ga-tum, bah-BAH...

    So get this. It's good. Really.

    Point the second:

    By stupid Bob Dylan order (9 SACDs) from stupid Red Trumpet was held up because of my stupid credit card, and it finally was shipped, but the stupid UPS guy didn't leave it at my stupid house, so now I have to wait until Thursday until my stupid roommate can get if for me at the stupud post office. Argh! I wanna hear 'em so bad! Especially the out of tune guitars and wrong-sounding organs on Highway 61 Revisited. God I love that album.

    Point the third:

    WARNING: No format war in my thread! This thread is a vanity rant, and only reflects my personal feelings and buying and listening habbits.

    I've just become so disillusioned with DVD-A. Maybe not disillusioned- apathetic? I haven't bought one in a long time. It has nothing to do with the sound, it's mostly the titles. Some of the titles I see puzzle me- Geoff Tate's solo album? What the hell? Put out Operation Mindcrime- I'd buy that twice! There are a few titles I want to get, like Donald Fagen's Kamakyri... whatever the hell it's called.
    Some of the classical titles I got on DVD-A were just lousy performances (though some, like AIX's Beethoven's 6th are good).

    But mostly it just comes down to jazz. The DVD-A jazz titles don't particularly interest me. I'm a hardcore jazzbo- I need Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, Art Pepper, Tito Puente, et al, not Frank Sinatra and John Pizarelli. I've come to think of rock albums on high-res as novelties- fun, but ultimately disposable- while jazz and classical offers the most rewarding listening experiences and reflect the improved technology high-res has to offer. In this regard, DVD-A just doesn't step up to the plate.

    With this, SACD is moving forward in becoming the preferred audiophile digital format. The Fantasy label just released 10 great titles on SACD ('Trane, Monk, Evans, Evans (Gil and Bill), Wes, Brubeck, etc). Red Trumpet offers them all at a discount with free shipping. Well, there goes all my high-res spending for two months.

    Meanwhile, backwards compatibility has become a huge thing for me. Half of the Fantasy titles I've always wanted, and this is a good "excuse" to get them. And you bet I want to upload that music to my portable mp3 player. And they fit on my CD rack and I only need to have one copy. Perfect.

    I want that Fagen album- but that means I have to buy the DVD-A and the CD. Ugh.

    The only DVD-A producer that still excites me is AIX, who really now how to kick musical ass with the format. Really- everyone here should totally support them.
    But even that, I haven't bought from them for a while, because when things like Bob Dylan (15 titles!), Vince Guaraldi, and the greatest guitar album ever (Wes Montgomery's Incredible Jazz Guitar) come out on SACD, that has to get top billing in my wallet.

    Point the fourth:

    Got my first Stanley Turrentine album. This saxophone player is beloved for his groove and bluesy playing, with a swingin' organ (often played by his wife), as in the CD I got, Hustlin'. Also for $9.99.
    A fun album, great to have on at parties and such. Musically a bit stale, not very adventurous. Definitely a groove thang. Doesn't hurt the brain at all. A pleasant listen, but not a big fan yet.

    Point the fifth:

    Anyone digging the Yes expanded CDs? Yeah, I'm a sucker for reissues (so if anyone wants to buy the old CDs from me, lemme know). Some of the bonus tracks are cool, like the studio run-through of Gates of Delirium. I've got them all except Going For the One and The Yes Album.

    Point the sixth:

    Speaking of reissues, Grant Green's Grandstand has finally been given the RVG remaster treatment from Blue Note. Must get this ASAP. Now they need to do Matador and I'll be a happy dude.

    Point the seventh:

    Jimmy Cobb, legendary drummer (anyone ever listen to Kind of Blue? [​IMG] ) is kickin' the scene with his band, Cobb's Mob (heh, it rhymes). Piano, bass, guitar, and Jimmy. Straight ahead stuff, but real sweet. Jimmy lets it loose with this group, more so than I've heard him on other people's projects. They have a CD out with a sax player.

    I saw them play last weekend at a small club uptown. Swingin' shit. An imbibed George Coleman took a rollicking guest solo spot with 'em. A fun night. This is why I love New York.

    This is jazz your girlfriend can enjoy.

    Point the eigth:

    When is Tool coming out with some new stuff?! I miss 'em so much.

    Point the ninth:

    Hillary Hahn, violinist: young, attractive, but I think she's the real deal, artistically as well as technically. I actually prefer her playing over other more seasoned vets. And I'm also impressed with her choice of music: the two titles I have by her, she plays the music of Brahms, Stravinsky, Barber, and Edgar Meyer (known more for his bass playing), who wrote a concerto just for her, and it's a really cool piece.

    But I admit there are others here with way more sophisticated ears tham mine for his stuff. What do you think of her?

    k, I'm done for now.
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    Whew! What an eyefull! I'm also disillusioned with dvd-a. Not enough new stuff I like coming out fast enough. I wind up buying things I should't have. Get "that Fagan album". Even on dvd-a. You will be glad you did. Going For the One and The Yes album are numbers 2 and 3 for me after Close to the Edge. Sorry Fragil fans. Thats about number 6 or 7 to me. I'm trying to get into jazz. Have not made the breakthru yet. Steely Dan is as close as I have come so far. I'll keep trying. Have to go now. The stupid bell on the stupid dryer just went off. GENE
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    Fragile rocks!
    (See, that was a silly pun that references by opinion of a piece of music as well as a TV show with puppets.)

    Of the Yes reissues, Relayer is my favorite, but that probably more to do with the fact that it's become my favorite Yes album. I heard the Going for the One extras are not very good, but I'll get it anyway.

    I sure do want the Fagen, but whenever I'm in a record shop I just can't bring myself to get the CD when I know there's a high-res version of it, nor just the DVD-A since I can't listen to it on-the-go, not when there's all this other stuff to get. I did it for the Nightfly, so I know I'll do it here. It's just taking me a while.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my eyeful. [​IMG]

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