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    Have the following discs, e-mail for prices, prefer to trade. Some are not the newest and fanciest versions, but are an older edition that has been recently replaced by a special edition. Those marked by a * are still-current editions. Those marked by a # are "Canadian" editions, have a tiny Can. flag on the back, same content as U.S. editions except Pulp Fiction. All discs are legit, like new and complete, have no bilingual printing.

    *Black Hawk Down
    *A Bug's Life#
    Casablanca (sealed)
    *Pearl Harbor#
    Pulp Fiction# (has scenes unavailable on ANY other version released anywhere)
    Reservoir Dogs (sealed)
    The Right Stuff
    *Spartacus (sealed)
    Thelma & Louise
    There's Something About Mary (Unrated)
    *Toy Story#
    *Toy Story 2#
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    Dec 31, 1998
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    Interested in your sealed copy of Spartacus.
    I have these to offer

    The Iron Giant (sealed promo)

    Desperado (original)

    Film Fest issue 4 the interactive movie magazine on DVD. This disc has Sundance 2000 & Hawaii international film festival stuff as well as interviews with Heather Graham,Johnny Rotton,Kevin Spacey,Emily Watson,Nathan lane,Dave Foley and Casey Affleck.Short films w/ explainations on how they were made plus much more (SEALED)

    Fox Demo discs 2 (Sealed)

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