Mirage OM5’s = WOW!

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    Dec 3, 2000
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    What a ride this hobby has been over the years.
    I have had many brands and models of speakers.
    Currently I have these speakers in our home.
    B&W Nautilus 802's
    Paradigm ref 60v2,40v2,20v2,and the atoms,
    I sold my Ref 100v2 about a year ago.
    Still have a few Polk’s around as well some infinity's.

    With our soon to be finished 18’x28’ solarium addition for the hot tub.
    I was planning just to use one of the extra unused speaker pairs we had around for that new room.

    I had no intentions to purchase any new speakers. This past Saturday while at a local deals shop killing time on a raining morning. They had these OM5's for a real steal, Some minor cosmetic flaws, these are the piano gloss black finished pair. The price was so good and with a 30 day return policy I just purchased them on the spot without even hearing them first. (Again the price was my motivation) This is not a stereo shop as one would think, this place buys closed-out merchandise of all kinds from light bulbs to lawn furniture from many different sources as it becomes available in a bidding format. I have purchased much high end gear in the past from this shop with great success.
    The speakers are brand new and came from an authorized Mirage dealer. This is my first experience with bipolar speakers, of course Mirage calls these their flagship model Omnipolars with two built in 8" woofers/subs and 250 watt amps.
    What a different pleasant sound these put out! The sound stage is huge.
    I suffer severe tinnitus in both ears, it’s like ringing in stereo! (Twenty two years ago in the military was the main factor of this unfortunate hearing condition) With the 802’s I hear a huge differences from other direct radiating speakers as the Paradigm. The 802’s are far superior as they should be considering the cost.
    But these OM5’s are just unbelievable with the detailed wall of sound they produce,
    It’s as if you placed a pair of the best headphones on.
    So to bring this to a close, any other people that have suffered some hearing loss,
    You may want to go out and audition a pair of these, even if only for kicks. They still have very good separation and the detail is up near that of the 802’s. IMO We used these as our mains over the weekend in our theater to watch Moulin Rouge, Talk about a title wave of sound hitting you! The OM5’s are worth an audition.

  2. Jerry Klawiter

    Jerry Klawiter Screenwriter

    Dec 3, 2000
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    If anyone is looking at the Mirage for speakers.
    There is a guy at audiogon that you can not go wrong with his prices.
    I purchased the OM-C2 and the OM-R2 speakers from him.
    Sam is his name. Eptac
    Look at the price for those OM-5's
    He just marked them down another $500 today.
    $2k for the gloss black OM-5 is a steal with full warranty.
    Even the OM-7 or OM-9 have great prices.
    He is about ready to drop Mirage for a new line.
    Just a heads up for those on the fence.

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