Miracles tv show to be aired in Canada.....

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by todd s, Sep 15, 2003.

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    All 13 of the cancelled ABC series Miracles will be aired in Canada. Here is the info from www.cinescape.com How about us fans in the US??

    A heads up to our Canadian readers who might also be fans of the ex-ABC series MIRACLES: beginning next month the series will begin airing on VisionTV. What's even better news is that all 13 episodes of the show's run will be aired in chronological order. If you may recall, ABC pulled the supernatural-themed series from its schedule last season after only airing six episodes -- which means Canadian viewers will finally get to watch the unaired MIRACLES episodes including the never-before-seen first season finale.

    If you need a recap, MIRACLES followed three investigators who researched claims of paranormal or spiritual phenomena. As they followed each case to its conclusion, a pattern began to emerge that something miraculous and possibly apocalyptic was in the process of occuring. The show was created by Richard Hatem (screenwriter of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES) and produced by David Greenwalt (of ANGEL fame.)

    VisionTV will begin broadcasting MIRACLES starting with the first episode beginning Friday, October 3 at 10 PM ET. Each week a new episode will air leading up to episode thirteen, "Paul is Dead", slated for broadcast on December 26.
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    VisionTV? I'll have to figure out what channel that is.

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    Good for Canadan. Bad for us.
    I know people have been lobying to have all the episodes run here but ABC would rather show a zillion reality shows instead.
    This was a good show. I just wish it had been given more of a chance.

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