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Minor quibble with ST:TNG Season 1 set - watch those chapter stops! (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2000
One minor - but noticeable - quirk on the Star Trek: Next Generation Season 1 DVD set that I thought I'd mention, as I thought there was a bad pressing at first.
I first noticed this on the episode "When the Bough Breaks" (ep. 118, disc 5). While with the majority of the episodes on the set, chapter one is the teaser through the opening credits, and chapter two begins after the end of the credit sequence, for some reason on 'WtBB' the chapter stop for chapter 2 is at timestamp 0:08:13 - while the credit sequence stops at 0:04:57.
As I generally don't see the need to watch the cast list every time I watch each episode, I've gotten in the habit of skipping to chapter 2 after the teaser for each episode. Apparently, that's not always a good idea, as I was fairly confused, and at first thought I had a bad pressing - I knew that something had been skipped, but (not having noticed the time display on my DVD player at first), didn't realize what was happening, and thought that the DVD was missing a few minutes of the show.
I don't know how many episodes might be set up this way - most of the time chapter 2 starts just after the credit block, but if others (like me) are in the habit of skipping the credits, you might want to keep an eye on the time readout to save some confusion!
Aside from that, though - excellent set, and I'm having a blast! Many of these I haven't seen since they first broadcast, so it's great being able to approach them almost as if I haven't seen them (and as an amusing aside...I liked 'Enterprise' until I got this set! :laugh: Amazing how much better first season TNG is than first season ENT - suddenly I just don't care if I watch ENT anymore or not, as long as I get my TNG fix through this year!).

Jason Hughes

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Oct 17, 1998
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Jason Hughes
They should do it like the X-Files. Chapter 2 is always the credits, nothing else.

Ofcourse, the problem with that is, on occasion, at the end of the opening credits you sometimes get something besides "The Truth is Out There." Like "Trust No One" or "In the Big Inning" etc.

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