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    Hey guys, need some opinions on this:
    I picked up a universal fit shelf to place on top of my tv to mount my center channel just above the tv, as opposed to below on the stand, where it currently resides. Being married, anything I do to the house needs her say as well, and she isn't crazy about the look of the center channel mounted above the tv. Truth be told, neither am I, but its a better place for it acoustically because I have a rather large ottoman which can get in the way of the center channel and the audience, not to mention that its the only speaker in my system that sits an inch off the floor, creating a low spot in my soundstage.

    I'm posting links to illustrate the difference, and would like people's unbiased opinions on this. My wife, being the good sport she is, has agreed to allow this to go to a vote of my peers on these forums.
    Here are the links:

    Before and potentially after pics. I know the speaker isn't centered on top of the tv, it was just placed quickly for illustrative purposes.

    Thanks for your opinions, I'm already pretty sure where this is going, just need some ammo for my wife... [​IMG]
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    Cees Alons

    The solution close to the floor is only acceptable if absolutely nothing can come between the speaker and the listeners, and if you're sitting relatively far away from the screen (so the sound will not seem to come from the toes of the actors).

    Visually the center on top is a bit less attractive indeed, but I'm afraid that it's the best solution functionally.

    I noticed that the wall behind the TV is totally "empty", visually. That makes the speaker stick out like a sour thumb even more. Are your wife and you willing to consider some art work on the wall which could "include" (or at least visually more or less absorb) the center speaker?

    Good luck, the both of you, working it out together!

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    Try getting some fabric that looks quite a lot like the grille fabric on your center speaker. Now make a couple of frames (wood cardboard, whatever) and cover them with the fabric. Make the frames the same height as your speaker, and wide enough to go from speaker to the edge of the TV.

    Put these little camoflage units to either side of the center speaker, and you probably will never notice it sitting there -- it will just kind of blend in to the general darkness around the screen.

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