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Dec 25, 2003
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I'm looking for a mini receiver system, and I haven't been able to find anything I like so far. Ideally, it will have a small footprint, as I don't have anywhere to put a standard size receiver. I would like to have something that can drive a decent pair of bookshelf speakers, or a smallish sat/sub combination. It doesn't need to do anything other than radio, cd, and maybe an aux input for my iPod. I'd like to keep the receiver at $200 - $300. All of the systems I have seen come with speakers, and I'd rather jsut spend the $ on a better sounding receiver, but it isn't a pre-requisite.

I have a daughter that is learning to walk, so the big floor speakers and normal receiver are a little too easy for her to grab onto at the moment, so I'd like to get things off of the floor. I don't need a high end system, just something to use for background music and such (the room is maybe 14x20), so a little desktop system probably wouldn't work...

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Ben LG

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Jun 30, 2003
I compared a few mini systems to replace my full setup, floorstanders and components were just taking up too much space. It came down to the Denon D-M33S and the Onkyo MC35TECH. The Denon had a flat, dry sound so I returned it. But the Onkyo system had a warm sound similar to Marantz that I like so thats the one I kept. At first it was a slight downgrade in sound quality but after upgrading the speakers to a pair of Mordaunt-Short 902, the mini system now sounds even better than my old setup. If you dont mind refurbished the full system costs $260 and comes with a one year warranty:

The included speakers are decent but I highly recommend upgrading. They do sell the receiver separately but unfortunately not in stock atm.

The little receiver is one heck of a deal. It looks great and is small yet very capable. I havent pushed it to insane volumes but at moderate to loud volume it sounds better than the few integrated amps I have heard from Marantz and Cambridge Audio under $500.

More options:

Hope that helps

Oh well, seems out of stock now.

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