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    I'm new to Home theater.. I found this mini HT on ebay, for a pretty cheap price:
    It looks perfect for a smaller room. Here are the technicalities:
    This Dolby Digital/DTS ready compact cube home theater system from eAudio consists of 5 speakers (each with 2.5" driver), 1 subwoofer (5.5" driver), and 1 central receiver / amplifier which powers all 6 channels (build in with center speaker).
    *Total power output is true 60 watts (peak music power output reaches 2000W).
    *Ideal for DVD audio support for DVD player with or without decoder, game machines (PS2, XBox, DreadCast, GameCube), computer or bedroom stereo.
    *All necessary cables are included and fits both home audio jacks (RCA) or stereo jack (GameBoy, portable CD player, computer etc.).
    *Powered by 9V/1500mA AC adapter (included).
    *Wall hanging capability with regular screw slot at the back of all speakers.
    System can also be used with TV, CD/VCD/DVD player. You get virtual surround by connecting to the front channel input (stereo) only. This way all 6 channels will be powered.
    My question is, does it look like a quality set? Are these difficult to hook, and set up? I'd hate to receive it only to find out that it's way over my head.
    Thanks for any help.. I hope I posted this in the right forum.
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    This looks like a cheap set of computer speakers. Not very good quality, nor really good for HT.

    (Hint: look for the word "ready" - this implies there is something big missing.)

    Search for "Kenwood HTB". The 503/504/505 units (receiver + speakers) have a much better reputation. Granted, they are in the $400 price range, but you get all the toys and a much more typical HT system. (I've set up 2 of these for friends).

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