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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bob Engleman, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Before purchasing this title, I'd never "double dipped", but I wanted a copy that included the Battle of the Coral Sea, so I took the plunge. Much to my surprise, while there were extra scenes included--a chessy Heston & Sullivan romance, ( just what was needed to accent the cheesy Albert & Kokubo soap ) not a snip of the battle was to be found!!!!! Is anyone able to shed light upon this decision?

    THanks to all.

    Bob Engleman
  2. Eric Huffstutler

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    Eric Huffstutler
    This "Collector's Edition" is actually pretty old - released 2001. All of the "director's cut" and heavily restored special editions were still to come but too early for this CE which is why it may not fit today's standards of die-hard enthusiasts.
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    Well, there are PLENTY of great Special Editions and Director's Cuts that came out before 2001 (remember laserdisc??), so that's no excuse.

    I agree with you Bob. I was surprised that they didn't include all the MIDWAY TV footage on that DVD -- they gave us 10 minutes, but the expanded TV version runs THREE hours! Sure, some of those scenes may have been shot for TV, but they still could have easily presented all of the added scenes in the supplement...why they only did 10 minutes worth was quite surprising.

    Nice DVD otherwise, though! [​IMG]

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