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    bob kaplan
    Does anyone know if MGM plans to continue this series? i really enjoyed what they have released so far and own most of them. There were several titles of similar nature that were released on the LaserDisc collections, such as DR. BLOODS COFFIN, that have not made it as of yet.......and UNIVERSAL once release a similiar collection with titles such as the MONOLITH MONSTERS and MONSTER ON CAMPUS which would make wonder DVD additons as well....any gossip with these?
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    I hope it continues! I love Midnite Movies and have really really enjoyed showing them to friends who usually say "wow I haven't seen that in years!"
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    I am pretty sure they are going to continue it from what I have read around this forum. Return Of the Living Dead is coming out as part of the Midnite Movie Collection in 2002 which is awesome. I will check out alot of the MM Collection but there is only one I really want to see released.
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