Midisoft Press Release: Peter and the Wolf DVD movie and games

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    Midisoft Releases Peter and the Wolf DVD movie and games

    Introduces children to the orchestra through Sergei Prokofiev’s classic tale

    LOS ANGELES – Midisoft Corp., developers of award-winning music software, announces the release of their new DVD, Peter and the Wolf: A Classic Tale of a Musical Adventure!.

    The latest title in the Midisoft – Learning Through Music educational series, Peter and the Wolf introduces children to music and the orchestra through Sergei Prokofiev’s timeless story, complete with colorful animated characters that bring Prokofiev’s narration to life.

    Prokofiev wrote the lighthearted Peter and the Wolf, to introduce children to the orchestra, in 1936 for the Moscow Children’s Theatre. The beloved story tells of how Peter and his little animal friends outfox a menacing wolf, with each of the characters cleverly represented by a different instrument or instrument group—Peter (strings), Grandfather: (bassoon), The Bird (flute), The Cat (clarinet), The Duck (oboe), The Wolf (horns), and The Hunters (timpani/kettle drums).

    Plus, Peter and the Wolf includes 15 challenging games to improve your child’s audio and visual memory, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, musical instrument knowledge, and pattern recognition.

    In addition to all these great features, Peter and the Wolf also contains multiple language options for English, French, and German.

    Peter and the Wolf is beautifully orchestrated and is sure to become a family favorite. It is a fun game for both home and classroom use and allows children to play and learn at the same time.


    Peter and the Wolf is compatible with any NTSC DVD player and both PC and Mac DVD-ROM drives. It is available now at a suggested retail price of $24.99. To order, or for dealer information, contact Midisoft at 1-866-MIDISOFT, or visit www.midisoft.com. Special pricing for the educational market is also available. Contact Midisoft for more details.
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    What about the animated Disney short? I have fond memories of it. I don't think it's on dvd anywhere if I'm not mistaken.

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