Michigan (Ann Arbor Area) Speaker Meet

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    May 26, 2002
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    I'd like to offer up what I consider an unusual opportunity to folks within driving distance of Ann Arbor.
    I purchased the Diva 6.1 package (6.1 Front, C3 Center, R3 Surround). A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Rocket Package 2 (RS750 Front, RS200 Center, RSS300 Surround). One of these packages will have to go back. Until that time comes, I will make the Diva’s and Rocket’s available for auditioning. This will give everyone who wants it, a rather unique opportunity to A/B the top of the line Divas and Rockets for themselves.
    If people want to listen to the speakers, as well as take this as an opportunity to meet other people, let’s set a date of say… July 27th @ 2:00.
    Email me for directions, etc:
    [email protected]
    If you want listen to the speakers solo (before or after the meet) just email me and we can arrange something.
    FYI: The email is temporary. I will delete it if a crawler finds it and starts spamming.
    Sony 32" TV (about 5-6 years old)
    Denon AVR-3802
    Sony 5 disc DVD/CD player (CDR capable)
    HSU VTF-3
    Misc. speakers.
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    May 24, 2002
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    I realise this is an old post. I am also from the Ann Arbor area and would love to meet some of the people associated with this forum. If you would like to talk some time yu can e-mail me a t [email protected]

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