Micheal Winner interview for possible Death Wish DVD


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Apr 15, 2002

Winner, 70, said Death Wish, which starred Charles Bronson as a vengeful vigilante, was a "watershed film".

The British director, who made two sequels, said that before he made the film it was "inconceivable" that a hero could be shown killing other citizens.

"It broke barriers that had existed since the inception of cinema," Winner told Reuters news agency.

Some critics have condemned the film and its sequels, arguing they promote violence.
But Winner, who is chair of the Police Memorial Trust and has campaigned in favour of the death penalty, said he feels the film still resonates today.
It is as fresh as ever and people still talk about it in the street," he told Reuters, in an interview to promote a new DVD edition of the film.

Winner credited much of the film's success to Bronson, who died three years ago and starred in all of the films in the series.
"He had this marvellous face and this marvellous attitude," said Winner. "Charlie was awfully good at appearing to have a great deal of pent-up anger and you are waiting for him to explode."

Scott Temple

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Oct 31, 2001
I wish we would get a new DVD of Death Wish II with the uncut version of the film in 1.85:1 anamorphic. I saw the uncut version on Encore's Action Channel a few years ago and it is brutal, especially the opening rape scene with the housemaid. When Bronson's daughter is killed, you actually see her get impaled on the fence (after she jumps) and spitting blood.
MGM's DVD is terrible. It's the R rated theatrical, cut-to-shreads, edition and it's a 1.33:1 open-matte transfer.

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