MGM Where is Escape from New York SE??

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    MGM Where is the long awaited "Escape from New York" SE? It occurs to me that we've been waiting a long time for this one? Anyone from the Studio with any news?
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    chech out this great thread
    within there is a link to
    and read until nearly the end
    Coming up on DVD for Carpenter is a special edition of his 1981 futuristic thriller, "Escape From New York," which stars Russell as a rogue who must go into Manhattan, now a maximum-security prison, to rescue the kidnapped president.
    "We actually found the opening 10 minutes that I had cut out of the picture, and I've scored it and we've put some sound effects on it," he said. "It will be on the DVD, along with Kurt and I commentating."
    But don't believe the post-Sept. 11 rumors that the director would cut footage of the World Trade Center, whose rooftops serve as a landing pad for a glider piloted by Russell's character.
    "In my movie, the Trade Center was never hit," he said. " . . . Just like everybody else, it was pretty horrible, I thought, what happened. But this is a movie that was made in 1980 -- come on."
    sounds like a great time to wait until 2003

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