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Discussion in 'DVD' started by AlanP, May 2, 2004.

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    OK, please clarify and explain this to me, as I am unclear.
    Does WB own MGM ?
    The reason, I ask, is I just got "WHERE THE BOYS ARE" on DVD, released intially therough MGM, but, Warners released the DVD ??? Why didn't MGM, own this film ?
    And what is the story with other MGM, vault films?
    Could someone please enlighten me ??
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    OK, once again...

    Ted Turner bought the pre-1986 MGM library when he bought the company in 1986. Months later, Turner sold back the studio and kept the library for himself, thus Turner Entertainment was formed out of what was then MGM Entertainment Co.

    Warner Bros. later bought Turner's holdings, so today all distribution of the classic MGM library (including home video) is now at the hands of WB, although technically Turner Entertainment is the official rights holder.

    One thing to remember...MGM's video rights were entirely separate from WB. MGM (under a continuing license from Turner) continued to hold video rights for many years until MGM was able to get out of its remaining contracts with WB about 2000, so while it is true MGM originally released "Where The Boys Are" on video, it is now Warner Home Video that distributes it under the WB banner (since Turner is now part of WB).

    And no, WB does not own least for the moment, though that could change.

    The only MGM films the studio now owns outright are the post-1986 films and a majority of the UA library from 1953 forward (since UA is a unit of MGM).

    'nuff said?

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