MGM...please new 16x9 Black Stallion

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    Just watched a few scenes from this wonderful film on a friend's Front Projection system.
    I thought the image was wanting on my 35" direct-view Television...but it was painfully obvious how poor a transfer this is on the big screen.
    Almost unwatchable at times. Gobs of "ringing" from over-enhancement, lots of grain (although if this is the source material that's the way it is) and naturally the lack of resolution as the DVD presentation is not 16x9 anamorphic.
    Please, give this treasured film new life with a new Hi-def transfer and first-rate 16x9 DVD presentation.
    If possible, a 5.1 score would be nice. But if 2.0 DD is all we can get, please up the bit-rate to minimize audio compression. The linear PCM on my laserdisc makes the 2.0 DD soundtrack sound thin and lifeless by comparison.
    Hopeful in the future,
    David Boulet
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    Bump [​IMG]
    Seriously, how does one get the attention of the studios to re-release such films, in a better format?

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