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MGM:LISTEN GOOD:We're mad, mad, mad about It's a Mad,Mad, Mad, Mad World! (1 Viewer)

Jay E

Senior HTF Member
May 30, 2000
Just wanted to add my voice to the growing list of people who are very disappointed in the DVD release of this film. I will not be buying the DVD of this classic film, and I'll make sure that my friends know not to order this DVD (they can come over my house and watch the laser disc version).


Mar 15, 2001
While my sentiments regarding IAMMMMMW are exactly the same as the above posts, I want to reinforce to you that the people on this board are essentially ambassadors of the studios to the masses, and I vocalize my sentiment regarding the poor treatment of a particular DVD quite often to my friends, family, or even stangers at the DVD departments at my local Best Buy, Virgin Megastore, Borders, etc.
We are not a small disgruntled group of zealots who while wanting the best that can be offered are just too small a market share to be acknowledged by the studios. More imporantly, we are very effective and influential information sources to those who do not know the difference between Anamorphic and "Anaconda".
Two nights ago, my fiancee wanted to buy "A Christmas Story" on DVD, and I strongly objected explaining the VHS cassette we have at home will do. A stranger overheard me and I explained to this stranger the faults of this DVD, i.e. Pan& Scan etc. Even though I stated it was only my opinion, she too decided to keep viewing her VHS cassette of the movie she had at home and not buy the DVD.
Please listen to us as I do believe a lot of influence can come from those who have a strong opinions....and we do.

Sarah S

Second Unit
Feb 6, 2001
I was planning on buying this when it came out, but not anymore. I have never owned a laserdisc player, and do not plan on buying one, therefore I have never seen or bought the laserdisc version of this movie. However, I know that I will not buy the VHS version either as I swore off buying VHS when I bought my DVD player. I will patiently wait until you come to your senses and release the roadshow version in its original aspect ratio, as I want to see as much as this delightful movie as possible.

Matt Krapf

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 8, 1999
Real Name
MGM is CAPABLE of great work.
MGM produced the Phenomenal Bond Series.
MGM obviously was misled into producing this "lesser" version.
MGM can right this wrong, and make the film and fans whole.
MGM should STOP production of the "lesser" version, in favor of restoring and releasing the "Roadshow".
...then and only then...
We will then buy it, and recommend it widely to all of our friends and family.
For us to do our part, MGM must do theirs.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 17, 2001
Las Vegas
Real Name
John Steffens
What I want to know is, why does MGM consistantly release grand special editions with movies that don't do jack(ex.Anti-trust) but release bare-bones editions for movies that EVERY FILM FAN WANTS!
Now, I don't mind the grand special editions of the newer movies, but for god sakes, give the same treatment to the classics!
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Larry Gardner

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 1, 2000
This is not a good time for MGM. True, Hannibal is coming out later this year, but if you check their market share of new film releases - What's the Worst That Could Happen? And their slate is not very promising (and keep in mind - Hannibal was a Universal/MGM co-production).
If MGM doesn't turn around soon, they will be gone. All that will be remembered of them will be their film library. The last time this happened - they were bought up. Maybe that's the best thing that could happen - have some other studio (other than Warner - due to their stance on catalog titles) buy them up.
I'm afraid things are only going to get worse. With the modified Terminator I - SE coming out, more and more releases with substandard old LD masters used as DVD masters, and some numbskull idea that every film MUST be released no matter what shape or form - is going to do them in.
MGM - NOT every film you own HAS to be released before it is ready. There is no reason that this film cannot be released later. With all the crap you've released this year with mediocre video and unmastered audio, what is the demand for this title? If you release this title has stated, you'll be shooting yourselves in the foot, and may never rebuild your reputation again.

Dan Hitchman

Senior HTF Member
Jun 11, 1999
I don't even give props to MGM on their Bond special editions.
The compression jobs were lousy and so were the print conditions.
All Bond films up to License to Kill need to be properly and FULLY restored with all incorrectly missing scenes and dialog put back in and presented in the European Uncut versions-- both the negatives and the soundtracks need major work.
There are tons of highly informed Bond film fans out there (besides the original directors, actors, etc.) with information on the correct way to present these films. They even may know where some of the best quality negatives and supplemental material are hiding.
If MGM cannot do right by their own bread 'n' butter franchise, then how can they be expected to do great work on anything else?
The shabby treatment of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! and other titles comes as no surprise to me.

David Tolsky

Supporting Actor
Sep 3, 1999
This was a title that I put in a class with Lawrence of Arabia, The Ten Commandments, Bridge On the River Kwai, and Sparticus. It WAS a much anticipated release. Well, I wanted desperately to buy this movie on dvd as I did not have it on LD. I won't be buying it after all. Do I actually have to go backwards to LD to have the best version? Come on MGM, this is so typical! I dare you guys to be represented at Studio Day at Dave's Laser this year.
You will get an earfull!

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
I certainly will not be buying this title if not done properly. It's very unfortunate that MGM isn't taking the time and effort to do this right the first time. I won't be buying a lower quality release.
Rationality is not a commodity which is evenly distributed.
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Mar 23, 2000
If you plan not to purchase "Mad Mad World" on DVD becuase of the runnng time, sign your name at the STUDIO AND MANUFACTURING FEEBACK section under the post "Petition not to purchase Mad Mad World" If we get many names we may make difference.

Brian W.

Jul 29, 1999
Real Name
I have a theory (and maybe someone else had it, too, since I haven't read every post in this thread) -- that MGM isn't bothering to take the time for a full restoration because they want to capitalize on the recent death of Stanley Kramer. "Oh, Stanley Kramer died! Quick, move up the deadline for IMMMMW! Maybe we can sell a few extra copies!"
MGM, how about paying your RESPECTS to the great producer/director by giving this film the full-length treatment it deserves?

Arun Vajpey

Stunt Coordinator
May 18, 2001
I just saw the blurb for the forthcoming DVD of IAMMMMW on Amazon.com and this quotes a runtime of 182 minutes. While this is still 10 minutes short of the full 'Roadshow' version, it seems to be a vast improvement over the originally debated 154 minutes. Is this simply an Amazon oversight or are MGM rethinking their plans?

L. W. Cobb

Mar 19, 1999
I'm dumbfounded that MGM would treat one of their classic film assests so shabbily. They have recently discovered, never before available on video, footage that they deem unworthy of inclusion on a DVD release? I have the excellent LD Box Set, and certainly expect more from a DVD release, especially in light of the recent announcement of "never before seen" footage.
Come on MGM, it's time to respect your assests, and the consumer as well! Do it right, and we'll purchase. What part of that equation is giving you trouble? :)
Get with it. Your DVD releases, aside from the Bond discs, should be an embarassment to the Studio. It's not too late to make things right. Do the right thing, and give us what we want, otherwise I'd advise that you don't order a very large pressing of this title. :)

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