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MGM:LISTEN GOOD:We're mad, mad, mad about It's a Mad,Mad, Mad, Mad World! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 17, 2001
Las Vegas
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John Steffens
This is all I have to say
If your not releasing the FULL road show version, than
I will be letting other people in stores and my friends know this as well, as to NOT buy this, b/c they are being cheated.
I am also UPSET of the answer you gave Ron in the chat session about this movie.
the answer you bascially gave was....just wait and see Ron! Like you had something really good instore. But, it turns out, you just wanted Ron off your back.
Don't you understand we are the true fans, and you shouldn't let us down?!
Don't you also know, if you disapoint one person, 5 people will be told about this in return
If you can't finacially do it, find $$ backers. Find donations. Myself(somebody) or EVEN RON would have maybe even started a donation collection to get things going and help get this movie in the best version it needs to be in.
I know others(INCLUDING RON) will be able to chime in and give more heartfelt responses, so I will end it here.
P.S. If you pull the same stunt with UHF..TEMPERS WILL FLARE! If you don't care about restoring good DVD products, then give them up to a studio that cares!
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Ronald Epstein

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Jul 3, 1997
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Ronald Epstein
Just to reiterate what I said in the
current thread located in the SOFTWARE area....
MGM was well aware for the past 2 years
that fans wanted the "roadshow" version
New footage, thought forever lost, was
recently discovered. An offer was made
to MGM by restoration experts to restore
the film to its full roadshow glory.
MGM would have had our support had they
decided to wait another year or two to
release this movie CORRECTLY.
MGM promised to keep me informed about
their progress in putting this movie on DVD,
but instead, kept the information to themselves
so there would be no backlash...until now.
With the recently discovered footage (which
I cannot discuss), a restored "roadshow" version
would be one of the greatest achievements from
MGM Home Video. There is no doubt that IAMMMW
is one of THE greatest comedies of all time
and a historical representation of the greatest
and most extensive cast of comedians ever
assembled in one movie. It is truly a comedy EPIC.
I am so passionate over this movie -- and it was
actually the laserdisc boxed set that MGM released
years ago (with the extra scenes intact) that
made me appreciate this film even more.
Fans of this movie truly have no idea what was
proposed to MGM as far as what could be done with
this movie now that lost footage was found. It
would have been a remarkable movie that probably
almost EXACTLY resembled the original release as
it was seen in 1963.
We would have had the overture, extended scenes,
and a really great treat somewhere inbetween if
only MGM had been patient and waited for someone
to do this release justice -- and trust me --
they had been contacted.
Up until this point, this forum has gone out
of their way to support MGM and their desire to
really turn their reputation around. This is
nothing short of a black eye, in my opinion.
And, for them to promise to keep in touch with
us and consider our input only seems to be
worthless promises.
Again, I am upset because I have waited a long
time for this movie to be done correctly, and
from all indications, it was an opportunity that
was clearly in MGM's grasp and they chose not to
seize the opportunity.
I try to treat all the studios fairly. When
I love something, you guys can't help but to read
about my enthusiasm. When something bothers me
greatly, like this, I will give it just as much
equal time.
We appreciate the fact the studios look to
this forum for our feedback, and are usually very
kind to us. However, I would do this forum a
huge injustice if I didn't speak out against any
studio I felt was doing their fanbase an injustice.
Please press MGM to do this title correctly.

Ronald Epstein (pronounced like the English "Ronald Epstein")
Circa 2000
Home Theater Forum Administrator
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george kaplan

Senior HTF Member
Mar 14, 2001
This terrible news has forced me to cross off my most wanted purchase this year off my list. And I mean more wanted than Godfather, Back to the Future, Star Wars, etc.
The fact that you didn't do this right and add in the new footage is disappointing. The fact that instead of using the ld version, you edited it down and gave us less is abhorent. How this was any cheaper or will make you more money is beyond me. The ld version was just sitting there for the taking so you wouldn't have had to spend any extra money, and you would have made a hell of a lot more sales than you're going to now.
This is, besides an affront to film lovers, a really bad business decision. Unbelievable.
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Mar 21, 2001
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Well, this is unfortunate. Having seen some of their more recent releases, it seemed like MGM was at least stepping up the effort a little bit. Apparently, I over estimated them.

Jim Bivins

Stunt Coordinator
May 7, 2001
I definately will not order this disc...and I may cancel many other MGM titles I have pre-ordered in protest!
Get with the program MGM, your catalog titles are all that keep you alive at this point!
Sincerely disapointed

Jason Whyte

Jun 3, 1999
Also tremendously disappointed after reading Ron's many excellent posts about the film, which is still unseen by me. MGM has to get into the film restoration game and better preserve their films. They way they are doing this now looks to me like they think the DVD format is VHSII.

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Mark Anthony

Second Unit
Feb 25, 2001
MGM If your trying to annoy the people who WANT to purchase your product, you doing a damn fine job of going about it.
There is no excuse for this shortened version - Fox, Universal and Columbia to name a few would not release a film if a better more complete version was available - this is either a really bad decision or lazyness, in either case inexcusable.
And in case anybody's interested, I believe that Ultra Panavision 70 - which it was filmed in - has an aspect ration of 2.75:1, if as has been leaked, the DVD is at 2.55:1 it's not only missing footage it's also cropped as well.

Gerard Priori

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 14, 1999
I agree with the expressed sentiment. I'd rather wait an extra year or so for the disc to be produced correctly (from a properly restored film element replicating the original Roadshow version). I understand that the disc is already in production, but I ask you to please reconsider and stop production until the disc can be produced properly.


Second Unit
Jan 22, 1999
Real Name
I also agree with all of the above statements. MGM, if you want my business (which includes my friends and their friends and so on....) then you will have to put more effort into your releases. Reading that MGM will be releasing a bastardized version of IAMMMMW does not sit well with me. Please reconsider your decision in this matter and release the full roadshow version with all footage.
Thanks, Eric.
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Arun Vajpey

Stunt Coordinator
May 18, 2001
I only just learned that one of the movies that I waited years for a 'proper' viewing, is to be released in its hated cropped version. I was wildly enthusiastic initially to hear that 'It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world' was going to be released on DVD but this news is a major slap in the face. If there is anything worse than not releasing a popular film on DVD it is releasing an incomplete version of it. I think all us consumers should consider this as a major affrontary by MGM and BOYCOTT this DVD until they release it in the full 'Roadshow' version. I think a big studio like MGM should make that extra effort to add the addtional footage as soon as possible and satisfy its customers, not bicker about a few extra dollars. If they choose to, they can always recoup their added expenses by charging, say, $2 more than what they have in mind for this unwanted cropped edition.
I think Forum members should discuss this with their friends and other forums (eg DVD Talk) and press home this boycott. An en masse effort is bound to get some action from MGM.


Nov 22, 2000
I agree with with almost everything that's been posted
previously on this thread, but what also sickens me is
MGM's total lack of communication regarding this project.
MGM, if you're going to release a bare-bones release, at
least have the balls to admit it, and also explain your
reasoning for doing so. ..If you're going to try to
re-release this classic with bells and whistles later,
do yourself a PR favor and TELL US. We as consumers will
only tolerate so many double releases: Princess Bride..
opps let's release that like we should have! Escape from
New York, but after the bare bones copy has been out..
"oh yeah, a SE is on the way". Alamo, with no Roadshow
version, but now the word is another version is also on
the way. (Cough, cough, PLATOON! Cough cough)
Pretty soon the HT community will come to learn to ignore
any MGM 1st DVD release and wait for something better.
Of course if the 1st release if the best MGM is going to
offer, we won't know that, and MGM simply won't get our money. :)

John Knowles

Stunt Coordinator
May 17, 1999
Twin Cities, MN
Real Name
Nothing more really to add to what has been expressed well here already. I too was interested in this DVD and now I will have to pass on buying it. You may have saved some $$$ in the short term by doing a quick job on this release, but long term, the ill will you've gotten over this plus the lack of exitement over any new footage restored to the film could very well cost you even more.
Please GET A CLUE!


Mar 23, 2000
I too am crossing this title off my "to buy list". I have stopped buying MGM DVD's altogether. Unless MGM starts doing justice to their releases, I will continue to pass on their films. Both "Mad Mad World" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" are beatuifully produced on laserdisc, so there's no reason to support MGM's DVD sales. In any event, I'll probably pass on the DVD versions of these films if they ever come out properly, since by that time the next home video format should be arriving, so why waste the money.

John Stockton

Second Unit
Jan 9, 2000
I am very surprised that MGM allegedly spent a lot of money restoring "The Greatest Story Ever Told" but does not want to do the same for what obviously seems to be a better film. I also will not be purchasing this title if it is not the full Roadshow version and I will tell everyone else not to either.
Also cropping the original 2.76 ratio to 2.55 is totally unacceptable.
MGM, you need to wake up and smell the roses: Quality over Quantity!!!

Steve Peterson

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 3, 1999
Thanks MGM. Thanks for nothing. I was looking forward to this, but not anymore. I will also be telling my friends who want this one to forget it. It is NOT the movie we wanted.
Steve "MGM sure screwed the pooch on this one." Peterson

Eric Paddon

Mar 17, 2001
I think it's questionable as to how much MGM really "restored" GSET other than presenting it in its true aspect ratio for the first time. A lot of cut material from that film has supposedly been unearthed that MGM refused to restore just as has been the case it would seem with IAMMMMW.

Brian York

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 17, 1999
Real Name
Brian York
This title is yet ANOTHER one that has been on my must-get-on-DVD list since the start.
Unlike previously(Princess Bride, Escape From N.Y., etc.), I WILL NOT be buying the first version you foist on us, but will wait until you do the right thing, and give this title the restoration it so deserves.
Shame on you for not taking care with your titles, and shame on you also for the way you lead Ron Epstein on.
Brian York
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Senior HTF Member
Apr 18, 1999
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I have stopped buying all MGM dvd's period since the Rocky Set garbage. I was going to get stargate and so on but there are plenty of movies out there

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